Raihanna Estrada Debut’s Whimsacle Music Video for “June”

By Aaron Wagner

It’s one of my favorite songs in 2020 so far.

Raihanna Estrada’s “June” is the type of song that takes you back to your youth or even memories of last summer. She cleverly bottles up the feelings of anticipation of the start of summer and wanting to hold on to it forever and pours it out in this song. The song just makes you feel good.

This week she debuted the music video for “June.” Similar to when your favorite book is made into a movie that you thoroughly enjoy , Raihanna’s video does the same thing for “June.” Full of color, youthfulness, playfulness, and simply fun, the song is brought to life through this video.

I’m such a fan of Raihanna as an artist and how creative she is and this is further proof of that. She was gracious enough to answer some questions about what went into the making of the video for “June.” Check out the video and our interview with her:

Raised On It: How early on did you know you wanted to release a music video for “June?” Was it during the songwriting stage? 

Raihanna: Absolutely! As soon as I wrote this song and continued to play it out I knew I wanted to create a video for it. I wrote this song after coming home from playing Buckle & Boots country festival in the U.K. It was written from a place of pure happiness and nostalgia. Once we went into the studio this past February and cut the track it came to life even more and I knew I wanted to create a video for it. 

Raised On It: Was the music video something you came up with or did you collaborate with a director? Talk about the process of coming up with the video idea. 

Raihanna: I collaborated with my good friend and talented photographer/videographer Oceanna Colgan. We worked together on my previous music video “Cinderella” that premiered on CMT.com on March 9th, 2020. We get each other creatively so it’s really fun to throw out ideas. We’re always able to get the vision we want across.

I was hesitant to put out a video at first because the world felt so chaotic at the time when we were discussing doing one, but I decided that I wanted to do it. Not only was the creative outlet wonderful for us but we knew we wanted to make something that would make people happy and give them a carefree feeling for a little while. A reminder of good times in the past and good times yet to come. 

Raised On It: What were some of the challenges or surprises during the filming of the music video? 

Raihanna: Oceanna and I like to plan the things we need, but also roll with the day and see what works best in the moment on camera with what we’re envisioning. I’d say the hardest part was us setting up those damn curtains in the shot! They kept falling and we were losing daylight. So we were trying to hurry while also getting eaten alive by bugs because we live in Nashville. But they look awesome in the shot so it was worth it.

Pro tip – always bring bug spray if you’re shooting outside. 

Raised On It: What was the main objective that you wanted to get across in the video? 

Raihanna: The main goal for this other than having people really get to see my style and who I am as a country artist and creator, I wanted people to come with us to a colorful-fun-land and after watching it leave with good vibes and a little magic to take into their day. Oceanna did a wonderful job with the animation in the video. I really wanted to bring people light in a rough time. 

Raised On It: When fans watch the video, what do you want them to take away from it? 

Raihanna: I want fans to take away happiness! Whether that’s through the colors, the song, the feeling, the outfits, the locations or the animation. “June” is a love letter to summer wishing for those days to come back and stick around forever. I hope people will want to dance along and go back to their own unforgettable moments that are painted in their minds. And look forward to making new memories. I want people to feel good when they listen to “June”.