Throwback Jam: Chad Brock’s Yes

By Aaron Wagner

It’s the song that landed Chad Brock his only #1 hit. And it’s all because he moved apartments.

In 2000, Chad Brock released “Yes!” from his sophomore album also named after the signature song. Singing about falling in love and going for it, the song’s story is truly based on Brock’s real life as the lyrics explain.

Brock had recently moved out of his apartment into a new one. The one problem was that his mail wasn’t being forwarded to his new address, it was still going to his old apartment. He went by to pick up his mail at his old apartment and the new tenant was a girl named Martie. The two hit it off and spent hours talking. Fast forward a few months and the two got married, leading to Brock penning “Yes!”

Brock co-wrote the song with Jim Collins (“The Good Stuff”, “Big Green Tractor”) and Stephony Smith (“How Was I To Know”, “It’s Your Love”).