Q&A With Noah Guthrie On His New Single “That’s All”

By Aaron Wagner

Rising country singer-songwriter Noah Guthrie, recently dropped a heartfelt and honest new song in “That’s All.”

Singing about moving on from a past relationship, but still wondering “What if?” or “What are they up to now?” Noah’s ability to put raw emotion and soul into this song makes it really enjoyable to listen to. There’s something really special about Noah’s voice and how he’s able to tell this story and make it real personable and relatable to the everyday country fan.

We caught up with Noah to chat about his latest single “That’s All.”

Raised On It: What was the songwriting process like? Did you come into the write with the idea in mind or was it born through organic conversations with the songwriters? 

Noah: This song actually started with a lead acoustic guitar part that I had been toying around with before a co-write. I brought that guitar part into the writing session with Cory Batten, Jason Duke, and Jason Massey so it kind of set the tone for the song going forward. After talking about the song together and throwing out a few ideas we realized that the song had a very nostalgic feel to it and we decided to run with that. The result is a song about someone who is on the phone with an old flame talking about how things might have been, had they not decided to go their separate ways.

Raised On It: Was there a certain “sound” or “vibe” you wanted to get across with the production of the song?

Noah: From the beginning, this song has had a kind of mysterious sound to it. Although the lyrics are very country, the music itself has a different feel. When I brought this song to my band for the first time we decided to lean into that different sound and I’m glad we did. I think the song has a unique color to it but still feels relatable and familiar to listeners. At least that’s what I hope!

Raised On It: When people hear this, what do you hope they say or feel?

Noah: Well, I hope they draw their own conclusions from it since a song can mean many different things to different people. That being said, I hope that listeners feel like they’ve been there before. I think we have all wondered what if and have wondered what might have been. 

Raised On It: What’s the reaction to the single been like so far?

Noah: So far the reaction has been great! Many people have been reaching out saying they love the song and have had it on repeat since it came out. I’m so happy that people like the song and I’m so grateful for all the love and support that everyone has shown me since I released it.