Artist You Need to Know: Drew Green

By Emily Wagner

Guys, Drew Green is ready to make a name for himself, outside of the writer room.

He didn’t take the easy route getting to Nashville, he had to cut his teeth at the Honkytonks on Broadway, left the gig for a more stable bank job, but eventually found himself back in Nashville singing and writing songs.

And now, after writing for years, he’s about to introduce himself to the country music world as Drew Green, the artist.

With over 500 songs just sitting, waiting for their stories to be told, I don’t think it’ll take long for Drew to garner a successful run in this business. Take a look at our interview with Drew below to find out more about what drives him in this business, what those early years singing on Broadway were like, and what made him take the turn from songwriter to singer.

Raised On It: You didn’t grow up far from Nashville, but was a career in country music something that was always on your radar growing up?

Drew: I was twelve years-old working on a tree farm singing country music on the radio and dreaming of being exactly what I’m doing now and it’s damn crazy!  I’m also human and had my doubts but I remember being in college playing a local bar thinking “shit I can do this.” I’m so glad I stuck with it and kept chasing it

Raised On It: Before you signed a publishing deal, you were paying you dues on Broadway, singing at Tootsie’s. What were those early days in Nashville like, and how did that lead you to signing a publishing deal?

Drew: Man if I had all the money back I spent on booze I’d probably walk down there and give it right back to ’em! It’s a very cut throat and drama infested street full of incredible talent and people wanting your job and gig if they can get it. I’m very lucky I walked into one of the best gigs (late show at Tootsie’s) and feel like growing up in a honkytonk taught me more than anything. I learned how to take rejection which is daily in music, then also how to make someone listen and entertain with things other than singing. I can’t wait to get back out there and play own songs. 

What was that moment like when you found out that Florida Georgia Line was going to cut a song you wrote with Hardy and Hunter Phelps?

Drew: I, just like a lot of songwriters and artist have become jaded a tad. When I found out, my first thought was yeah they will record 20 songs and release 19 and mine will be the one they skip on. It has happened over the years. I had probably wrote 400-500 songs at that point but then I got to watch them record it and I knew it would be a fan favorite and it really helped me navigate through the first couple steps. But then I saw the elevator and I snuck on it!

Raised On It: You’ve established yourself as a songwriter and for a lot of people they don’t want it to go any further. What made you decide to take the leap into a singer/artist?

Drew: I have just written so many songs and got the live show addiction from honkytonks. Also with the help and push of my wife, friends and team. My publisher and now manager Brett James who I’ve always looked up to, has really pushed me and keeps me confident and on track.  

Raised On It: Country music is a mix of so many different musical styles these days. I think your song “Little More Be Alright” is a perfect reflection of that. How would you describe your style? Is there a certain artist you look to for inspiration to keep pushing the bar?

Drew: I grew up on Alan Jackson and Kershaw and will always drive myself to write relatable country lyrics because that’s how I grew up. However some could say my “music” is very hip hop influenced and that would be very true because I also loved hip hop and was influenced highly by Dr.Dre, Kid Rock and Craig David. 

Raised On It: You probably have quite the catalog of songs ready to be recorded and released. Is there any song in particular that you can’t wait to get out to the fans? 

Drew: You have no idea. I have one I wrote for my son I can’t wait for country fans and dads to hear. Also there’s a few that represent me as an artist and really show what Drew Green is, where I stand apart and I’m excited about that.

Fast Money Questions With Drew

Favorite concert: Alan Jackson 

Song you wish you had written: The Good Stuff by Kenny Chesney 

An up and coming singer we should all pay attention to: Elvie Shane

Favorite album: Dr Dre 2001 album or Eric Church Carolina record 

Best advice you’ve received since moving to Nashville: One of my co-writing buds who has known me since I started told me once that I need to make a character or cartoon that’s different and interesting because wanting to be Mickey Mouse like everybody else ain’t gonna get me there. Just kept me true to MY dream and not other peoples.