ICYMI: Kaylee Rose Wishes The New Girl Good Luck in New Song “Bless Her Heart”

By Aaron Wagner

Rising country artist Kaylee Rose continues to drop great music this year. Following up on the peppy “Me Before You” and the moving ballad “Look Like You” she’s back with her latest release “Bless Her Heart.”

“Bless Her Heart” is a subtle nod to the popular backhanded compliment and in this case it’s Kaylee saying that to a former flame’s new girlfriend. The production is really fun and adds to the sassy vibe of wishing the next girl “good luck.”

We caught up with Kaylee to chat about the making of her latest song.

Raised On It: What was the songwriting process like? Did you come to the write with the idea in mind?

Kaylee: I came into the writing session with the title ‘Bless Her Heart’ and intended to have it be written as a slower, more serious ballad. My co-writer and producer of the song AJ Babcock will usually have a track started for me before I get there that he thinks would be a good vibe for me, and that day he had the track that we ended up writing to instead. I am so glad we went that direction instead of the serious route, and that my other co-writer Lydia Dall was in the room that day because she definitely knew how to bring out the sass in that song as well. I’m pretty sure we ended up writing the song in less than 2 hours and recorded the vocals that day. I wish every song came that easy!

Raised On It: The sounds of the song is really catchy. When you took the written song in to the studio, did you have an idea of what you wanted it to sound like or was that a process to get to the final sound?

Kaylee: Actually, we ended up just using the demo as the recording. I believe the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” can definitely apply to recordings, and in this case the demo for this song was perfect.

Raised On It: When your fans hear “Bless Her Heart” what do you hope their takeaway is?

Kaylee: I am all about writing upbeat, fun and catchy songs, so I hope this is something that people can enjoy listening to whether the words can relate to their life or not.

Raised On It: How’s the response to the new single been so far?

Kaylee: It has been great! I have been getting a lot of messages from people saying this song helps them feel confident and empowered during their break-up which has been awesome to hear. I am excited to release more music this year!