PODCAST 35. Jake Brown

By Aaron Wagner

Jake Brown is an award-winning author who has written over 50 books across the music spectrum ranging from books about Suge Knight, Tupac, AC/DC, Prince, Lady Gaga to the hit songwriters of country music.

His most recent book Behind the Boards Nashville pulls back the curtain on the Music Row hit-making machine that is the recording studio. The new book explores the in-depth relationships between artists and producers while revealing the compelling stories behind some of the biggest hits to come out of Music City.

We talk with Jake about his background, growing up with a passion for music, and how that turned into writing books about music. Jake gives us a behind the scene glimpse into what went into the making of this fascinating book through his interviews with top Nashville producers who have worked with artists like George Strait, Kenny Chesney, Carrie Underwood, and Jason Aldean.

On what makes country music different from the other genres Jake’s written about:

On longterm relationships between artists and producers as well as camaraderie between different producers:

On producers building their own brand and business:

On producers having to evolve with the evolution of technology and what aspiring producers should know:

On how songwriters and producers got clever with demo tapes for George Strait:

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