Throwback Jam: Martina McBride’s “Blessed”

By Aaron Wagner

Written by a trio of star Nashville songwriters, in March of 2002, Martina McBride’s song “Blessed” would become her 5th and final #1 hit for her.

Looking back, when you see Brett James, Troy Verges, and Hillary Lindsey on a song together, I think it’s a fair assumption to think it’s going to rocket up the charts.

Brett James had the phrase “blessed” in his head and before long it was the title of the song he was working on with Troy and Hillary. The verses came naturally after that.

Years prior, Troy and Brett had worked together on Jessica Andrews hit “Who I Am.” Troy told Roughstock that “Who I Am” was different.

“It got so much attention. It was like, ‘What’s so different about this song?’ It’s not a love song, so I was on this kick about writing songs that aren’t just love songs.”

“There’s not that many of them, so people respond to them. That was in my head for a while, and it still is. If you can do that … write a song that’s not a love song, it’s a way to stand out a little bit. ‘Blessed’ is a love song, but it’s not a romantic love song. Part of it is, but it’s about celebrating life.”

With what they thought was a hit song on their hands, the trickiest part was trying to figure out who to pitch it too. Fortunately they were all on the same page with their ideal artist: Martina McBride.

Martina cut it as one of the bonus songs on her Greatest Hits Album and the rest is history. While it was Troy and Brett’s 2nd #1 song, it became Hillary’s first of many more to come.