Country Riser Alexis Wilkins Makes a Splash With 3 New Songs

By Aaron Wagner

I like to think I’m in the know when it comes to rising country artists who are making an impact or about to be. But sometimes there’s a few that I miss out on. And one of those is Alexis Wilkins.

This past weekend I was casually scrolling through the new music and came across a fresh new voice on some catchy songs that happened to be Alexis. Pretty quickly I realized that this girl is talented as hell. Her songwriting is refreshingly honest and void of some of the typical cliches we are accustomed to.

Alexis dropped three new songs this past weekend and each stand out on their own for various reasons.

The first song I heard was “615.” Giving a nod to the Nashville area code in the song title, Alexis sings about how a new guy she met is more than just another guy she met at a bar and exchanged numbers.

“RSVP” has a fun, yet confident sound to it as she sings about being comfortable with someone. “If I’m Being Honest” just might be my favorite of the new releases. It’s the song that I think is most ready for radio. The mid-tempo song showcases her vocals in a way that reminds me of an early Kelsea Ballerini.

I’m a fan of each of the 3 songs and they’re on my personal playlist and I’m really excited to see where these songs take her in her career and what’s to come next for Alexis.