Clay Hollis Drops Another Great Tune With “Anybody Lovin’ you Lately”

By Aaron Wagner

Rising country artist Clay Hollis continues to release great music. This week? It’s the catchy “Anybody Lovin’ you Lately.”

I’m a huge fan of this song’s story as he sings about two former lovers running into each other after years of going separate ways to chase their dreams. It starts off with a catchy drum and guitar opening before we get to Clay laying on his rich country vocals that makes it a really enjoyable song to listen to.

We caught up with Clay to talk about his newest release “Anybody Lovin’ you Lately.”

What drew you to the song that you wanted to record it for yourself? 

“This song was written by good friend Aaron Goodvin. I have always loved his music and writing. He actually wrote my previous single “Strait to Jones.” We keep in touch often and he is always pitching me songs. Believe it or not, I have had this song in my back pocket for a few years now and finally decided to cut it on this new EP. I had always loved the vibe and love message of this song and thought it would go well on this project.” 

Is there a particular lyric or phrase that you enjoy the most? 

“The line that sticks out the most to me of this song is “Me I’m singing these songs, still trying to make it.” It seems fitting because here I am still playing every week after all these years, and I still love playing every night!”

Why did you decide that this song in particular was going to be your next release? 

“My team and I chose this song to be the next release because of the energy and vibe it brings. It’s the perfect summertime song we all can sing along and jam out to.” 

What do you want your fans to feel or think when they hear this?

“Hopefully this song will have people singing along and perhaps help a few people fall in love with that special someone.”  

Anything else fans should know about it?

“This song is just one of six great songs on the new EP titled Honky-Tonk Highway that we will be released later this year. If you love this song, you will love the rest of the project!”