Tenille Townes Embraces Authenticity in Debut Album “The Lemonade Stand”

By Aaron Wagner

As country music moved into a new decade with the turn of the calendar, it’s apparent that there’s a major push to bring in more, younger artists, particularly female artists. One of those artists that is taking off right now is none other than Tenille Townes.

The rising artist from Canada released her debut album The Lemonade Stand this weekend. Bringing a fresh and unique voice to country music, she pours her heart in each and every song. The songwriting on this project is deep and meaningful. Usually that can be challenging for younger artists, but with Tenille it seems to be one of her greatest strengths.

This album has Tenille encouraging listeners to be authentically themselves. As an artist who exemplifies the same thing, she comes across as credible delivering these messages throughout each song. I’m excited to see where her career takes her. If this album is any clue, she’s going to go to some pretty cool heights.

She starts off the album with the confident and empowering anthem “Holding Out for the One.” Lyrics like “I’m not the girl with her high heels in her hand, In last night’s little black party dress” demonstrate her confidence and maturity. A folksy-western song in “Where You Are” showcases that she has the ability to go deep into the roots of country music sounds.

One of the more moving songs on the album is “Jersey on the Wall.” The song finds Tenille asking God questions that she wants answers on. She then sings about being optimsitic, looking for the good and the light in “Lighthouse”, a light driving tempo of a song.

One of my favorite songs on the album is “White Horse.” I just love the chorus so much and am fairly confident it would do well at radio. While it’s not my favorite on the album, I have to give Tenille mad props for taking a risk and being creative with “I Kept the Roses.” As soon as you hit play you are transported back in time 40+ years ago.

Tenille shares with Apple Music that “When I Meet My Maker” was a song that was inspired by her great-grandmother.

I wrote this in the early days of living in Nashville by myself. I was sitting in this little apartment I was renting and just really missing my great-grandmother and my family, and just thinking about the glue that she is and how thankful I am to have lived 20 years of my life with my great-grandmother very closely. 

She continues with the album’s theme of being unapologetic with another one of my favorites “Come As You Are.” It’s one of those songs that makes you want to stand up and dance. Another song that makes you wanna get up and dance is the youthful, searching for love song “Find You.”

I was glad to see a collaboration on this project. On “The Way You Look Tonight” she teams up with her co-writer Keelan Donovan to give off those Sinatra days vibes.

The most recognizable song and her most successful release to date is “Somebody’s Daughter.” Talk about an amazing piece of songwriting. This is a masterpiece. It went to #1 in Canada and is currently Top 30 in the U.S.

She wraps up The Lemonade Stand with a piano ballad in “The Most Beautiful Things.” Tenille sings about the various things that can be beautiful and how important it is to find the beauty in things no matter how hard it seems. It’s a lovely ballad that is right in her wheelhouse.