A Q&A With Caroline Marquard About Her EP “The Prologue”

By Aaron Wagner

Rising country artist Caroline Marquard dropped her debut EP this weekend in The Prologue.

With six songs on The Prologue, this project is her official introduction of who she is as an artist to the country music industry. We caught up with Caroline to talk about the making of this EP and how she hopes it’s received.

What was your goal when you set out to make this EP? 

“My goal was to find my sound and message as an artist and to connect with my audience!” 

Was there a specific theme in mind? 

“I didn’t go into the making of the project with a set theme, but I definitely knew I just wanted to stay true to my feelings, experiences, and just being honest.” 

Writing “Never Should’ve Left” with Liz Rose (“Girl Crush”, “White Horse”, “Cry Pretty”) is a big deal. What did you learn from her during the songwriting process? 

“It was an honor just to get to watch her do her thing! I learned that writing everything down helps organize where the song is going and also just to let it flow.” 

Which song on the EP was the most challenging song to write and why? 

“Honestly all the songs on the EP were written pretty effortlessly, I’d say “Not A Rolling Stone” was the hardest message to nail.” 

When live shows begin again, which song are you most looking forward to performing? 

“I love playing “Keep My Eyes On You” live! It’s a feel-good song that has all the feels.”  

Picking a favorite song is like picking between your favorite child or friends, but which one is extra special for you? 

“That’s so hard! I go through phases of different songs being my favorite. At the moment, I’m really excited for everyone to hear “Only One.” It’s really unique!” 

Lastly, what did you learn about yourself as an artist while making this EP.

“I learned that I can be a perfectionist sometimes! Also that some of the most special moments and memories are the ones that aren’t perfect.”

Check out the full EP from Caroline: