Mary Kutter Releases New Single “Defy Gravity”

By Aaron Wagner

Up and coming country artist Mary Kutter continues to crank out new songs for her fans and she looks to take the next step in her career.

This week, Mary released a new song called “Defy Gravity.” Appropriately titled as she sings about chasing your dreams and not listening to the naysayers. It’s the type of song with a message that we need to hear more often to continue to live life to the fullest.

We talked with Mary about this single, where the inspiration for this song came, and what she wants people of all ages to take away from it when they listen to the new single.

Did you write the song?

Yes, I wrote this song with Autumn Buysse, an AMAZING writer in town who hustles so hard.

What was the inspiration behind writing it?

“I feel like when we’re kids, we’re encouraged to dream big and that anything is possible. For some reason, it seems like once we become adults, it can be easy to just think about all that could go wrong and forget about what could go RIGHT.”

“I wanted to write a song that basically talks about, “yeah, dreaming big is scary, no matter what that is, whether it’s with a relationship, a career choice, or even just who you wanna be as a human….because your dream might not come true…but it definitely can…”It’s almost like the old saying “reach for the moon, because even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” I’m someone who likes to think big and out of the box and I’ve always wanted to write a song that basically summed up my life motto.”

Was it something that came together pretty quickly or did you have to make multiple adjustments?

“I had the chorus almost locked in and knew I wanted to bring in someone to make that magic come to life. Autumn was the perfect cowriter for it because as soon as I sang the chorus, she was like, “what if you and this special chord” here and there and instantly the chorus was even cooler and the verses happened so quickly. I had sent her the mix to “Spaceships and Satellites” (the single I released 6/05/20) so she could kinda get a feel for my vision and when we hopped on the Zoom write she was on fire. The write was seamless and the song wrote itself. I think it came so easily because its message is one both Autumn and I really resonate with.”

What drew you to the song that you wanted to record it?

“I wrote this one, but I knew had to record and release it this summer. With all the chaos and unsettlement and negativity out right now, I wanted to release something that was positive and up-lifting. Even if I hadn’t written this song, I 100% would’ve recorded and released it. That’s something I always like to think of when I look to record. I write all the time, but wanna make sure the BEST song wins.” 

What does this song mean to you as an artist?

“Everything about this song is out of the box. From the unique title to the John Mayer/Coldplay production (shoutout to my amazing producer Aaron Patrick and guitar player Brandon Wiggers), to the poetic lyrics, to even the different chord structure….it all points to not staying in the box and to reaching beyond the norm. Its dreamy vibe definitely resonates with me as a person who is constantly stuck in the clouds thinking, dreaming, and planning far-out stuff whether that’s with songs, ways to engage with fans, to even the simplest things, like new taco recipes to create and try out.”

What do you want fans to feel when they listen to it?

“I hope every single person who hears this feels inspired and reconnects with their inner kid. The kid who dreamed big and knew they could do anything they put their mind to. I hope it lifts them up, helps them escape, and puts them in a better place after hearing it. I hope this song helps give anyone the courage to go after what they want in life.”

Anything else about the new release?

“There’s going to be videos, a bunch of lives and takeovers of different accounts, and merchandise. I am so happy folks are loving this space-y kick we’ve been on, and they need to hold on, because we are just taking off!!”