Hit Songwriter Rob Snyder Releases Debut Album “The Way That I Am”

By Aaron Wagner

You may not know who Rob Snyder the artist is….yet. But you definitely know one of his songs.

Rob Snyder was one of the co-writers on Luke Combs’ smash hit “She Got The Best of Me.” Now he’s out with his own project, a full length album titled The Way That I Am.

There are some albums that you can almost listen to as background noise and try to multi-task when you listen to it. But you can’t do it with this one. You absolutely should not.

The depth of the songs stands out in each and every song. Every song on The Way That I Am is intentional, with raw emotions and personal stories pulled through to create a piece of art. In a genre and industry where authenticity and vulnerability is a must, Snyder raises the bar higher than a majority artists do.

From singing about his days as a kid on the beach, to chasing his dreams and grinding through whatever life throws in front of him, Snyder puts everything on display. Listening to these 10 songs, I now feel like I have a really good idea who Rob Snyder is as a human. And that’s rare.

He deserves immense praise for this album.

The album kicks off with the title track in “The Way That I Am.” Snyder pours his heart out about the things that have shaped him into who he is today, including recalling the painstaking memory of losing a friend after a day of drinking.

“Hard Times” is a throwback sounding song with a strong harmonica sound as he sings about how the hard times pave the way for better days, at least that’s his hope. One of my favorite lyrical phrases on the album comes in “Honey” as he sings “don’t need to bitch, but something’s gotta give.”

My favorite song on Snyder’s album just might be “Jersey.” He sings about holding on to his roots and the memories that came from Long Beach Island, where his parents met and he spent many days growing up. He teams up with fellow singer-songwriter Channing Wilson on “Dream.” The two singing about conquering their dreams and staying focused about conquering them.

Snyder sings about just how powerful of a drug love is, both good and bad, in the appropriately titled “Love.”

“Waiting Room” is such a cleverly written and titled song as he sings about watching all of his friends and peers finding success, while he’s stuck in the waiting room. So damn good. Man. He then sings about the difficulty of breaking old rituals and reliving past experiences in “Old Habits.”

“Wanderer” is a beautiful song that Rob wrote with Canadian country artist Kalsey Kulyk who also sings background vocals during the chorus on this song. It’s another one of my favorites on this fantastic album.

He puts a bow on this piece of art we will call an album with “My Dear Mama” as he sings his appreciation for all of the things his mom has done for him. Country music fans should be looking at this song as a potential mother-son dance song at weddings.