Clare Dunn Brings a Fresh Voice and Sound With New EP “HONESTLY a personal collection”

By Emily Wagner

Honestly, it’s a shame that Clare Dunn isn’t getting the recognition she deserves, because not only has the Colorado native been killing it the last few years with hits like “Tuxedo” and “More” but she just released a brand new EP titled HONESTLY a personal collection that is some of the best music I’ve heard from any female country artist this year.

Dunn has the amazing talent to be so lyrical in her songs, and by that I mean she fits a lot of words into a 3 minute song, but the phrases all come over so effortless and natural. Take the song “El Paso” where Dunn manages to describe the city, but the feelings of falling in love; ‘shining like the stars on the Rio Grande/Drifting away in a long slow dance/At Rosa’s cantina half a world away/I was falling in love you and you with me.’

In “Sweet Talk” Dunn compares the sweet words coming from her love to a sugar rush, southern honey, and dulce. It seems evident that every word is chosen and used perfectly in every song.

The 6 song EP begins with an almost gospel sounding, “Safe Haven.” Dunn describes her safe haven as a person, not a place, and as the song goes on, with background voices periodically used, the song might just take you to church.

The album ends with the title track, simply called “Honestly” and if “Save Haven” was a love ballad, “Honestly” is anything but. It’s anything and everything you want to say to that person who did you wrong. It’s Dunn finding her voice and not backing down to that school yard bully that everyone has in their life.

Dunn seems to have a little more fun with certain songs on the album like “Get There Tonight” and “Salt and Lime.” “Salt and Lime” is a fun playful summer song, that gives off Sheryl Crow “All I Wanna Do” vibes. Whereas “Get There Tonight” feels more rebellious, more rock and roll, with Dunn calling all the shots. 

Clare Dunn brings such a fresh voice and sound with her music and these 6 new songs are just further proof that she is one of the most talented up and coming acts in country music. I hope these songs lift her up into the next stage of her career and give her the acknowledgement she’s earned.