Australian Sister Trio The McClymonts Release New Album “Mayhem to Madness”

By Aaron Wagner

Proof that country music is gaining in popularity around the globe, Australian trio The McClymonts released a new album this weekend that is one of the more enjoyable albums I’ve listened to this year.

The sisterhood trio from Down Under has been recording music professinally since the mid 2000s but thanks to the power of streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, people like you and I are able to discover them and listen to their projects.

And thank goodness we get to because they are so damn good. As is their new album Mayhem to Madness.

As the sisters lives have changed by getting married and having children, the album title Mayhem to Madness is so perfect and there might not be a more perfect anthem for that theme than “I Got This.”

The song absolutely captured my attention the first time I listened through the album. It’s such an energetic and addicting sounding song about pushing through all the craziness and giving oneself a pep talk. I was so happy to learn that this is their radio single.

The McClymonts kick off the album with “Part Time Phrase” as they share about how sometimes the ones we love the most can drive us equally as mad. “Free Fall” is a cleverly written song about just letting go and be willing to commit to love.

We also need to talk about just how beautiful of a song “Looking For Perfect” is. We’re all our toughest critic and this song is written and sang in a way that shows people aren’t perfect as individuals, but there are people who are perfect for one another, no matter their faults.

A common theme with this album is you find yourself nodding along, tapping your shoes, and just wanting to stand up, dance, and jam out. “Open Heart” and “Good Advice” are two of those songs, the latter of which is actually an inspiring song for those that wonder if they’re doing things right.

“Lighthouse Home” is a nice play on words to describe one’s guiding light and then move to cover Fleetwood Mac’s “Little Lies.”

I have no idea where the story idea for “Wish You Hell” came from but it is rich with raw emotions and feelings. With a lyric like “I hope you treat her well and I wish you hell”, you feel the raw feeling of heartbreak. The trio brings out these feelings with the way they sing this song. Incredible.

The album concludes with “Backfired.” A fun song about a mood we are all familiar with: “I’m only staying for one” or “I’m not getting into trouble tonight.” The fear of missing out on great times with friends and family often outweighs those lines as the group shares.