Throwback Jam: Tracy Byrd’s “I’m From the Country”

By Aaron Wagner

In February of 1998, Tracy Byrd released his unapologetically country hit “I’m From the Country.”

The song was written by Marty Brown, Stan Webb, and Richard Young. The inspiration behind for the song came from a line that was printed in a Rolling Stone review. In 1991 Marty Brown had put out his album High and Dry. While it was an overwhelmingly positive review there was a line at the end of the review that stuck with him.

“He’s too country for country.”

Marty used that line as inspiration as he put pen to paper to write a song about that particular phrase.

Marty knew he had a hit on his hands as he told The Tennessean. “Back then, I hadn’t really had that hit, but I knew I was going to get it.” Eventually it got in the hands of producer Tony Brown who made sure it found its way onto Tracy Byrd’s next album.

“I’m From the Country” raced all the way up the charts where it peaked at #3.