Tyler Farr’s New Jason Aldean Produced EP Is Here

By Aaron Wagner

Jason Aldean is one of the biggest names in country music, but now he’s adding another feather in his cap: mentor and producer.

Last year, Jason Aldean added Tyler Farr to Night Train Records in a joint venture with Broken Bow Records. Since that point Aldean has been working very closely with Farr in a mentoring role for his new music. Farr told The Boot, “He really has put 100 percent into it, and you can tell he genuinely cares about me,” Farr adds. “That’s why I signed with him, and why I wanted him to produce, as well.”

Farr’s latest endeavor is Only Truck In Town, a four-song EP that is his first project since his last album in 2015. Producing is a new endeavor for Aldean himself but when you listen to each of the songs you get a sense that his finger prints are all over it. Candidly, it could be a Jason Aldean EP, but it’s not as it’s Farr’s distinguishable raspy voice that captures listeners in each song.

“Only Truck In This Town” is a backroads song about how lucky he is to be with this girl sang through the analogy of a truck. It works really well. If this song is sent to radio I could see it absolutely taking off.

We sometimes forget how certain songs act as the soundtrack to each chapter of our lives as Farr sings in “Soundtrack to a Small Town Sundown.” This song is about that young summer love but can be equally applied to whatever your memory is.

My only question on the EP is the song “I Wish Dogs Could Live Forever.” I have no idea when the song was written or how long they’ve been sitting on the recording of this song, but it’s eerily similar to Riley Green’s “I Wish Grandpa’s Never Died.” I love the song and the lyrics, so hopefully people

He wraps up the EP with “Heaven on Dirt.” Farr falls in love on the backroads and the production is something that you definitely know has been influenced by Jason Aldean.

This EP is a good sing of what’s to come from this Tyler Farr-Jason Aldean combination. If they continue to make music like this, you’re going to absolutely see Farr’s career shoot to levels most wouldn’t have expected a few years ago.