Amanda Kate Shares Why Her Album “Time” Is Something Very Special To Her

By Emily Wagner

Full of that traditional country sound we all love, with honesty and vulnerability in every word, Amanda Kate’s album Time stands out to the country listener.

In an era where there many types of influences and sounds in country music, there may be a temptation to create a certain sound that is more commercialized. So that’s why it’s great when an artist stays true to who they are as a person and an artist, which is what Amanda Kate did with this album.

Every song and every album has a story, but Amanda Kate’s story is more unique and special than most. Raised On It chatted with her about the album and the inspiration behind creating it.

You grew up in New Mexico and currently live in California, do you think those places effect your music? It’s refreshing to show that country music doesn’t have to be made by those living south of the Mason Dixon Line.

“Yes very much so. In Red River, New Mexico where I grew up, everyone listens to country. I think that’s where I fell in love with that Texas Country sound. Moving to California, things are much more rock/pop driven and I also have a huge love for pop music and stylistic vocalist. My sound is very much influenced by the world around me, the people and my life experiences. Right now, it’s raising a little girl, taking care of our horses and getting to play country music at some of the best venues around. I’m very blessed.” 

Music has clearly been always a part of your life. When did you realize that music could be your career?

“When I was about 16 years old, I started touring with a Christian singing group and getting the taste of what touring and playing shows felt like was when it hit. I realized I wanted to do this for the rest of my life.” 


Your debut album Time was co-written with your mom before she lost her battle to cancer. How special is it that you were able to create this with her, and how much did she influence your love of music and songwriting? Is there any song on the album that is particularly special or that gives you a lasting memory of the day you two wrote it?

“Yes, I always say no matter how many songs I write or how many albums I’m able to produce in my life this is the one that I will be the proudest of. It’s a time capsule for me, it’s full of my mom in so many ways, I feel her with me every time I sing the songs.

“Healing When I Ride” is the song that will always be the most special because it was her story, it was what got her through the days her last few years. It’s her fight song and I’ll never forget the way she cried the first time she heard it produced.” 

I love this album because it really has everything, but mostly it’s very honest and personal.  I know ‘how do you write your songs’ is a loaded question, but where do you get your songs from? Do you take the time to sit down and write? Is it random inspiration that takes you even by surprise?

“For me, it’s really a mix. I would say 80% of the time its random inspiration, it’s when I’m driving to go pick up my little girl and a title will pop into my head. It’s when I have a conversation with someone about something and I just start hearing a melody.” 

Now that you can sit back and enjoy the labor that went into Time do you want to soak this in, or are you already thinking about the next thing, creating new music?

“I can’t sit still to save my life. When it comes to music and working, I’m always thinking about the next thing. Before we even finished the last album, I was already writing songs for the next one! I’m getting ready to release some new singles in the next few weeks and I’m so excited.”

“The next EP is gonna be totally different, lots of upbeat songs, lots of fun sassy girl songs! Time was filled with honest stories, very personal songs that tell you a lot about my personal life but the next EP I wanted more songs that others could relate to, songs that I could really have fun performing with the band so that’s what we’re doing.”