Listen to JT Harker’s Fun New Song “Drunk People”

Photo Credit: Rachel Deeb

By Aaron Wagner

On the heels of his successful first couple of new song releases with “Heaven Lost An Angel” and “If I Ain’t Got You” country riser JT Harker lets loose and has a good old time in in “Drunk People.”

Written by Harker along with Chuck Jones and Derek George, “Drunk People” is a groovy feel-good song about drinking with the people you love and drinking with the new friend you made over the last beer. Quite candidly it’s the perfect song for your day-drinking playlist.

Lyrically it’s a good tale but what really makes “Drunk People” stand out is the production of the song which was done by Derek George (Blake Shelton, Randy Houser, Rascal Flatts) and Julian King (Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Toby Keith). It’s not a raging and rocking song that is cranked to 100 where you feel like you’re in a club, but rather it accurately gives off the vibe of being in your favorite bar – laughing, singing karaoke ,and talking with strangers.

We caught up with JT to talk about what this new song means to him and how it differs from his previous releases.

How was the song idea ‘birthed?’ How long did it take to write the song with Derek George and Chuck Jones?

““Drunk People” was written in about 6 hours. It was the third song. I wrote in Nashville and we had written love songs only and I wanted to write a love song for Honky-Tonks! We set out to write a song about drunk people and then ended up titling it “Drunk People.””

What was it like to work with two proven hitmakers in Derek George and Julian King on the production side of things?

“Working with Derek George & Julian King is incredible. They’ve been doing it so long at such a high level; they make my job easy. They’re also great people to be around, very humble and just work they’re tails off everyday.” 

“Drunk People” is a complete 180 from “Heaven Lost An Angel.” Was that intentional when it came to deciding the type of song you wanted to release next? Or is there another reason you wanted to release “Drunk People” at this moment? 

“I definitely wanted to release a song for the venues, festivals and people I’ve been playing for for the last 7 years or so.  After a couple love-oriented singles, this was the perfect follow up. I love that it also pays homage to more of a classic country sound with the rag-time sounding piano and the “drunk” sounding steel guitar.”

What are 3 words that come to mind to describe how you want your fans to feel about this song?


What does it mean to you to have this song finally released out into the world?

“It means a HUGE step for me. Two love songs is great, but a song like this that truly captures how I feel about these bars and clubs that have sustained me and the band for these years, and the people that have supported my career this entire journey… that’s what it’s all about. I have a lot more to say than just songs about love and heartbreak, and this a great step in that direction.” 

“THANK YOU to country fans for supporting this amazing genre of music and the artists that put their blood sweat and tears into making these crazy dreams come true. Ya’ll are the reason we get to to continue to do this.”