Kip Moore Delivers The Best Album of 2020 With “Wild World”

By Emily Wagner

Leave it to Kip Moore to not only give us his best music, but the best country music of the year. His 4th studio album Wild World was released last week, giving us 13 new, beautifully written and crafted songs.

Moore has always done things his own way, never worried about awards or commercial success; and when it comes to Wild World it sounds nothing like what’s been coming out of Nashville. 

The last track of the album deserves to be discussed first. “Payin’ Hard” has been quoted by Moore as his most personal song, mainly because that second verse dives into the loss of his father. But it’s the final verse where Moore self reflects on his career and how he’ll know when to call it quits-concerning all of us Kip Moore diehard fans.

Compared to the shortest song on the album, “Fire and Flame” is a nearly 5 minute anthem. A song about sin, temptation and redemption. A song that would fill an arena full of people or a campfire circle. 

Kip plays the role of underdog so well and no better than in “Southpaw.” With a 30 second guitar and drum intro, the song takes off at the chorus. This is sure to be a fan favorite and the only way to start off a Kip Moore live show.

Kip had his hand in writing all but one of the songs on the album, that one song being “Red, White and Blue Jean American Dream” which feels like such an authentic Kip song, it’s hard to believe he didn’t write it. Kip credits the guys in his band for a lot of the songs on Wild World. 

A post show jam session turned from singing covers to writing “Sweet Virginia.” 

“South” is going to be one of those songs that will probably never see the radio, but will be a cult favorite. With the opening guitar riffs, this song gives off major 80’s vibes, like a classic Mellencamp song.

The first song released off the album was “She’s Mine” which Kip apparently wrote years ago, forgot about and then decided it would work well on this project. It’s always a treat to see the softer side of Moore; his raspy voice being a contradiction to the sweet words he sings in “More Than Enough” and “Crazy For You Tonight.” 

While I initially thought naming the album Wild World was too close to Moore’s sophomore album Wild Ones, it’s clear that the title track is the anchor of the album and what everything else seems to circle around. Kip’s at his best with this song and these lyrics; it’s the perfect song to introduce the rest of the album. 

It’s hard to explain exactly what makes this album so special; it’s the authentic feel to each note and each word sung; it’s how it’s the complete opposite of anything coming out of country music at the moment; it evokes feeling, and it gives a slightly bigger view into the artist.