Chris Bandi Checks Every Box In Debut Album

By Aaron Wagner

Expectations exceeded.

Chris Bandi’s new self-titled project checks every dang box for a debut album.

The country riser should be super proud of his debut album and it should also be turning heads on Music Row. If you’re looking at the next artist to make a Jordan Davis-like jump, Chris Bandi’s debut album provides a collection of songs that could get him there.

Bandi has that distinguishable voice with a hint of raspiness that shines on each and every song, whether he’s jamming out to a party anthem or slowing things down to get a meaningful story across.

The 7-track project includes his streaming hit “Man Enough” which you may be familiar with, but the other six supporting songs are some of the best songs I’ve heard so far this year.

Let’s get into them.

When one of the writers on a song is HARDY I think it’s a wise choice to include it on your album. “Dirt On Me” sounds like a HARDY song but it’s also the perfect “raised hell when I was younger” song to open an album with and quite frankly…the type of song that should get sent to radio. “Leave It To A Song” eloquently paints you a picture of how much a song can mean to you. Certain songs can be the time stamp to our biggest moments in life. “That mixtape comin’ out the boombox, a cover band blowin’ out the boondocks, sub-buzz rattling a toolbox.”

While those two are feel-good jams that put you in a good mood, the next song will absolutely pour at your heartstrings. “Would Have Loved Her” is a song from the perspective of a guy who found the love of his life but his father (or any family member for that matter) passed away before he had the chance to meet her.

“Free” is such a unique song as it’s a combination of Sam Hunt-like talk sing with the background vocals reminding one of a gospel choir. Bandi then mixes heartbreak with whiskey to get over a tough breakup in “They Make Whiskey.”

Next up is a fun little number in “What If We Don’t.” He sings about ditching the big group of friends while running off with that special girl who has his heart. This would also be a great choice for radio play.

Bandi includes his biggest song to date on this project and I’m so glad he did because it’s such a damn good song. With nearly 60 million plays on Spotify “Man Enough” is a certified streaming hit and is currently at radio stations as he sings about growing up and becoming a man.