Artist You Need to Know: Lakeview

By Emily Wagner and Aaron Wagner

Jesse Denaro and Luke Healy collectively form Nashville’s latest duo, Lakeview.

Both hailing from Pittsburgh, Jesse and Luke’s backgrounds surprisingly come from metal. Go figure huh? Both were in metal bands but had an interest and passion for a wide ranging type of music including rock, country and even pop.

The thing that is going to make Lakeview truly stand out is that there isn’t anyone like them. They’re not Dan + Shay or Florida Georgia Line. They’re Lakeview. They have a really fun sound and should allow the duo to create their own lane when it comes to duos in country music.

The two made the move to Nashville and signed a record deal with Photo Finish Records. While Lakeview has only released three songs so far, they are absolute jams that get stuck in your head and will have you yearning for more.

Raised On It chatted with Lakeview about their start in music and what the future holds. Find out how the band came to be, who is their dream collaboration, and what more to expect from the guys this year.

Let’s start with how Lakeview came to be. I’m assuming this is years in the making, but tell us how it goes from a hobby or passion to packing your bags and moving to Nashville?

“Luke and I met a while back when we were touring all over the country in our metal bands. Fast forward a few years and we’re both living in Pittsburgh pursuing music and just trying to get by. We became friends, began working together during the day, working out together after work, and then worked our second jobs as security guards at clubs in Pittsburgh together.”

“We moved in together and started to write some country music for fun. With no real agenda, we kept writing and producing our own stuff until our friend Josh sent it to the wonderful folks at Photo Finish Records. We decided to move to Nashville during a night of drinking and just stuck to it. By the time we moved, we signed a record deal and hit the ground running here in Nashville. It’s been so amazing so far!”

Individually do you both share similar music styles? How does the creative and collaborate process work?

“We definitely both pull inspiration from similar places. Coming from a similar world (the rock and metal scene) we love the songs “feeling” and making sure it hits hard – whether that is lyrically or musically. It’s a great yin and yang between us both creatively.”

Is there anyone in the business that you guys would like to model your career after or anyone you look to for guidance and advice? 

“Not necessarily. Our approach stems from how we were raised, and how we have been doing it all along. Be nice, write good songs, and work really freaking hard.”

Is there a dream collaboration you’d like to work with? Songwriter, artist or producer? 

“FGL, hands down. We love the innovation they bring to country music.”

Were you planning on touring this summer? How hard is it to not be able to go out and promote your songs during this time? 

“We were! We were gonna do some festivals and a ton of shows to introduce into the country music world. We were super excited and obviously bummed out when the news hit. But it just gives us more time to prepare and get ready for when touring does come back – hopefully, sooner than later.”

What does the rest of 2020 look like and what do you hope 2021 will bring?

“2020 is going to be filled with writing and rehearsing, getting ready to slam these live shows (whenever they happen). That is all we are focused on. Write the best songs we can, and be as prepared as possible.”

“We can’t wait to play for y’all soon!”