Artist Interview: Kendra Kay Talks About Her New Single and Video “Steady”

By Aaron Wagner

Rising country artist Kendra Kay recently released a music video for her latest single “Steady.” This comes on the heels of a banner year of her winning winning MCMA’s Female Artist of the Year and Fan’s Choice Awards.

Written by Madeline Merlo (NBC Songland), Victoria Banks (Jessica Simpson, Sara Evans) and Karen Kosowski (Brett Kissel, Tim Hicks) “Steady” is an upbeat song with the modern-country flare that makes it an addicting song to listen to. The song’s message of encouragement is the bedrock for this country jam.

We chatted with Kendra Kay about her latest single and accompanying music video for “Steady.”

“Steady” is written by a great group of songwriters/artists. What drew you to the song when you heard it for the first time? 

“I instantly was able to connect with this song the first time I listened to it. I am very lucky to have such a strong supportive group of people around me that are my rocks and are always there to count on when things get tough. They truly do keep me steady and that’s why I knew this song was a perfect fit for me!”

Which lyrical phrase in the song is your favorite and why? 

“I think it would have to be the opening line of the song, “It’s a crazy world, we’re just along for the ride.” That statement couldn’t be truer. Everything that goes on in this world is often out of our control, so a lot of the time, we just have to ride out the tides. No matter the circumstance, the world keeps turning so you might as well keep moving forward and enjoy the ride you’re on.” 

Did you know right away that you wanted to make a music video for this song? 

“Once the song was recorded and I heard the finished product, I knew that I would want to put a visual representation behind it as well with a video. The lyrics to this song are something that majority of people would be able to relate to. It’s all about having someone (or something) in your life that can keep you strong and I wanted to be able to bring those lyrics to life through video.” 

Describe the concept of the music video and what you were hoping to accomplish with it? 

“We really wanted to be able to portray me and who I am as an artist in this video. I stick close to my country roots but in my music, you can feel that modern flair. The whole idea behind this video was to tell the story and give it a modern country feel.”

When your fans hear the song or watch the video what do you want them to feel?

“I want them to hear this song and be able to connect to the people in their lives who are able to keep them Steady. I know when I think about the amazing people in my life who are my rocks, it makes me feel pretty blessed and grateful so I hope that listeners can feel that way too!”