Throwback Jam: Joe Nichols’ “The Impossible”

By Emily Wagner

“My dad chased monsters from the dark” is such a memorable and impressionable first line to any song. And so it was our introduction to Joe Nichols. 

Nichols released “The Impossible” in March of 2002, from his second studio album Man With a Memory. Written by Kelley Lovelace (writer of nearly every Brad Paisley song you can think of) and Lee Thomas Miller (Jamey Johnson’s “In Color”), the song takes the listener on a familiar journey. From seeing our heroes as a little more life-like, to witnessing incredibly triumphant acts that no one thought possible, it’s one of those songs that you can find different meaning to each time you listen to it, at every stage in your life.

“The Impossible” became Nichol’s first chart topping single, making it all the way to the number 3 spot. No small feat in itself, the song was nominated at the 2003 Grammy Awards for Best Country Song of the Year. Man With a Memory was also nominated for Best Country Album. 

Besides all the personal stories that people can attribute to this song, the timing of the country and the world is no accident either. Just over 6 months earlier were the 9/11 attacks. You can only imagine what certain phrases such as “unbendable steel, bends” meant to those listeners back in 2002. And yet the song rings of hope and success, which at the time of its release, was needed more than ever.