My 6 Favorite Songs From Drew Jacobs’ New Album “History”

By Aaron Wagner

Rising country artist Drew Jacobs released his new album History this past weekend. Consisting of 12 songs, the newest project from Drew gives fans another glimpse into the type of artist he is and the type of music he looks to make.

Drew isn’t a one trick artist. Yes there are some dang good party anthems which are fun and should be cranked loud. But then he can pull a 180 and absolutely pull at your heartstrings with songs that will hit you in the feels and have your reaching for the tissues.

There’s a lot to like on his new project and these are a few of the songs I wanted to highlight.

“Way Back” – A beautiful love story with a fun production to highlight the young and fun relationship. It’s such a strong song to kick off an album with.

“History” – I love the fiddle used in the jam about a former flame that isn’t actually a permanent former flame.

“What If I Do?” – Might just be my favorite song on the album. Singing about trying not to fall in love, but what’s so bad if it happens?

Day Drinkin'” – No explanation needed. A must add to your boating playlist this summer.

“Forever” – An emotional tune about when reality sinks in that forever is no longer a possibility during the breakup. I’m a big fan of the raw emotion Drew puts into this one.

“Make You Proud” – I have to give major props to Drew for making himself completely vulnerable with his music. In late 2019, Drew’s girlfriend Hannah passed away. I can’t imagine how tough this was to write and record. To anyone who has lost someone special, this song will hit you like a ton of bricks.