Jordan Davis Successfully Follows Up His Debut Album With New EP

By Emily Wagner

This past week, Jordan Davis released his self titled EP. I’m not sure which powers out there saw the success of his first full length album and decided a 6 track EP was the best way to follow that up, but so be it. Show business.

But new Jordan Davis music is not something I will complain about. This EP might as well be an extension of Home State. Davis’ songs all seem to have this incredibly catchy hook and melody that make you gravitate to the song. 

“Cool Anymore”

The one everyone will be (or should be) most familiar with is “Cool Anymore” with Julia Michaels, aka the only song I listened to for two months straight at the beginning of the year.

“Detours” is the most personal song Davis has written and released on any platform. It’s essentially Jordan’s and his wife’s own love story with that “God Blessed the Broken Road” theme.

Just as personal, perhaps more self reflective is “Church in a Chevy.” Once this song hits the chorus, you can’t help but feel some major R & B vibes, and you can label Jordan Davis as pop-country, but he is one of the best new country artists at blending genre sounds, all while keeping those country lyrics.

Maybe because it’s finally summer, or because I’m a sucker for a catchy beat, but the final 3 songs on the album, are already on my summer playlist. First, “A Little Lime” can’t be ignored. It’s playful, with a funky groove, about potential new love, that talks about drinking tequila. What’s not to love?

“Almost Maybes” is about all those, shoulda, coulda, woulda, moments, that lead you to exactly where you are supposed to be. Last, but not least is “Ruin My Weekend” the song that has not gotten out of my head since the first time I listened to it. Turn it up in your car, in your house, outside, and make it the start of your summer anthem playlist. 

If you were a big fan of Jordan Davis’ first album, his latest EP won’t leave you disappointed. Each song is new and organic and unique and very much true to the Jordan Davis his fans have come to love. Be sure to give these 6 songs all the love.