Haley Mae Campbell Has Big Weekend With Her New Song “Paradise” and A Writing Cut On Breland’s New EP

By Aaron Wagner

It’s not often you debut a new song while also having a legit cut on a highly anticipated EP. But that’s exactly what Haley Mae Campbell did this past weekend.

The rising country artist released her latest single “Paradise.” The summertime jam is such easy listening that you find yourself listening to it over and over.

In addition to “Paradise” she was a writer on “In The Woulds” which appears on Breland’s EP project with featured vocals from Chase Rice and Lauren Alaina. The really interesting part is that she won a songwriting contest to get her lyrics included in the song on the second verse.

Haley was gracious enough to take some time to chat with us about both of her recent projects.

Describe what it was like writing “Paradise.” Was it something that came organically or did you have this type of song in mind when you went into the write?

“I wrote “Paradise” with one of my best friends in Nashville, Angel Edwards. I had had the idea for a while, but didn’t really know how to write it until I sat down with Angel and we got to talking. I wanted to have my hometown of Charleston, South Carolina inspire this song, as well as that fun, flirty feeling you have in a confident relationship. I hope everyone can relate to these lyrics, and I’m so grateful to Angel for helping me bring this song to life!” 

What do you hope fans take away when they listen to this song?

“I hope that when fans listen to this song they are inspired to find their bliss in their own personal lives, whatever that may be. It could be your hometown or your significant other, but everyone has their idea of “Paradise.”

During these crazy times, what is your “paradise” at the moment?

“Normally, I would describe my “Paradise” as performing and being on stage, however with everything going on I’ve had to rethink it a little bit. At the end of the day, I’m just so grateful that I get to do it I love every single day, whether it’s being on stage performing live, or sitting in my apartment brainstorming the next single to release, writing, or recording. My “Paradise” is getting to do all these things with my closest friends and bandmates.” 

Had you been a fan of BRELAND or what drew you to the writing competition to have a verse featured? 

“I met BRELAND originally through my producer who grew up with him in their hometown of Burlington, NJ. We had just recently gotten lunch together at Taco Mamacita in Nashville, so when I saw the verse challenge, I knew I wanted to be a part of the song! There were so many amazing submissions, but I think the Nashville flare was ultimately something that undeniably added to the track.”
What was it like crafting lyrics for the 2nd verse? Was there an added pressure due to the competition aspect? 

“It was such a fun, collaborative experience writing the verse. After seeing the post, I sat down with Zachary Manno (my producer) and Jessie Iris (one of my favorite pop lyricists), and we leaned into the perspective of the song, really trying to pin down what this girl’s response to BRELAND’s chorus would be. I’m so proud of how it turned out, and the competition aspect made it all the more exciting!” 

Hearing Lauren Alaina sing your lyrics has to be something special. Describe that feeling.

“Hearing Lauren sing the verse is truly incredible. She’s always been one of my favorite voices in country music, and I actually had the opportunity to open up for her a few years ago. Such a full-circle moment!” 

Anything else we should know about either song?

“To have both “Paradise” and “In The Woulds” released on the same day was such an incredible feeling. Both the artist and the songwriter in me is so fulfilled to have these projects out in the world. “Paradise” is one of my favorite releases to date, and I have so much more content to share in the near future!”