Appropriately Titled “6-Pack”, Florida Georgia Line Gives Us Their New EP

By Emily Wagner

For the first time in their careers, Florida Georgia Line have released an EP. Appropriately named 6-Pack the duo has given us 6 news songs to jump start the summer. And honestly, this isn’t surprising.

Anyone who follows the boys knows they have created hundreds of songs as Tyler Hubbard is always plugging some new melody, or singing a line of a newly written smash on his social media. I’m not even going to be surprised when they release a full album next year. They have the knack for creating some of the catchiest songs in the industry, and this EP is no different. 

“I Love My Country”

They first released “I Love My Country” a few weeks back, and this gives us the deep rooted, guitar playing, boot stompin’ kind of country music that FGL don’t have to dig deep to get to. 

The duo claimed “Second Guessing” from NBC’s smash show “Songland.” This song is a sweet love song that FGL pulls off better than some of their party anthem songs. I full expect and hope this song dominates the charts.

“Second Guessing”

Sometimes you need to be in a certain state of mind to hear certain songs. “Beer: 30” is one of those songs. It grows on me each time I hear it, but it’s the weak link of the album if I’m being honest — unless it’s 5:00 on a summer Friday afternoon or I’m on a boat somewhere, then I’ll probably be singing this at the top of my lungs. “Beer:30” is backed up by “Ain’t Worried Bout It” which begins with the talking-singing that’s become popular (and that only Sam Hunt can pull off IMO), but once they dig into the meat of the song, it has this amazing hook, and before you know it that single line: ‘ain’t worried about nothing’ will be stuck in your head all day long.

This EP has more of an overall country feel to all of the songs than perhaps some of FGL’s overall latest albums. Ironically, the song “Countryside” sounds the least country, with those back beat clicks. But don’t mind the lyrics, this tune gives us some gems, such as: “Aint’ fishin in the dark/ but we’re getting ‘Nitty Gritty.” 

The strongest song is appropriately titled “U.S. Stronger.” I love how from the title, you understand they are singing about America and Americans, but when they sing the lyrics, it’s not U.S., but “us.” It’s a really well-written and produced song. I don’t know what their plans are with this song, but it would be a shame for this to get lost among the others, and is long forgotten in a year.

This 6-Pack EP is like when you go to the liquor store and can pick and choose your beer to make a 6 pack. We get the fun loving, beer drinking FGL, the sentimental, loving husbands, and the country in their roots, FGL, who can’t help but write some of the most memorable melodies in country music.