7 Must Listens From Rachele Lynae’s New Album “Every Reason”

By Aaron Wagner

Rachele Lynae is a rising country artist who conitnues to leave her mark on country music. This past weekend she released her latest album titled Every Reason. The album’s title leads well into one of the songs on the project that we’ll get into in a second.

Rachele Lynae grew up in the Pacific Northwest spending time in Northern California, Washington, and even Alaska. Every since she was a little girl she wanted to be a country singer as she would write songs from early on as well. She turned that dream into reality when she attended Belmont University and eventually making her own music.

She ended up writing or co-writing every single song that made its way on to Every Reason. There’s a maturity and purpose with the lyrics she crafts and then because they’re her words, she’s able to bring out the emotion and feelings in a really cool authentic way.

There’s a ton to like about this project and I encourage you to check it out in its entirety. I went through and highlighted my favorites songs that you absolutely have to listen to.

“Braggin on Ya” — The perfect song to kick off the project with. It’s a fun, upbeat song that has her bragging about her man. It’s the ultimate compliment.

“Run Away” — This song does a really great job of showcasing her impressive vocal range. The emotion that she gives off tells you that this is an important song for her.

“Can You” — So catchy. Sometime’s we don’t realize what we want until it’s too late. This song needs to be the theme song or in the trailer for Hollywood’s next big Rom Com.

Vinyl” — From a songwriting standpoint especially, I really love this song. It’s probably my favorite song on the album.

“Running out of Reasons” — Back to the album title with this song. Another ode to her man and she describes running out of reasons as to why it won’t work. Which naturally transitions from that stage in the relationship to the album title of Every Reason. It’s a clever move.

“Cut Me Off” — Talk about pouring your heart out through song and songwriting. Breakups are never easy and she sings about that pain.

Come This Far” — I’m a sucker for a song about chasing your dreams and Rachele shares her story to put a nice bow on the album.