Artist You Need to Know: Mike Ryan

By Aaron Wagner

Born in San Antonio, Texas country artist Mike Ryan has been dominating the Texas radio charts the last half decade plus. That’s why I think he’s due for a major breakthrough in country music and he’s this week’s Artist You Need to Know.

If you’re a fan of Luke Combs or Cody Johnson, then you need to add Mike Ryan to your playlist next. In an era where it’s hard to differentiate and stand out, Mike does a great job creating a unique sound that is timeless country music that still fits with the contemporary direction country is going. He comes across as super authentic as he sings about what affects us in our everyday lives.

My introducing to him came from his first #1 single on Texas Radio with “Dancing All Around It.” To date it’s still my favorite Mike Ryan song as he’s able to tell a very relatable story about trying to get the girl back but puts a new twist on it. Combined with his strong vocals and the production, it’s easy to see why it went to #1.

With Mike Ryan, all the emotions and feelings one can experience are always on the table. It’s real, authentic, and nothing is ever sugar coated. Take “Damn Good Goodbye” for instance. Not all goodbyes have to be viewed through the lens of sad and disappointing, rather he treasures those memories whether it was with the girl who had his heart or his high school buddies going their separate ways to college.

In 2017, Mike was fortunate to get a huge cut as a songwriter. The one and only Brad Paisley ended up cutting and releasing “Last Time For Everything” a song that Mike helped write.

Some other of my favorite Mike Ryan must listens include “The Rewrite”, “When I Drink Beer”, and “New Hometown.”

I just like the guy’s vocals and the stories he’s able to tell. I’m really hopeful that in the next year or two he gets that one song that absolutely takes off on radio across the country, but in the meantime he’s going to keep doing him — writing and singing country songs about real life shit.