Listen To Samara Yung’s New Single “In Case You Missed Me”

By Aaron Wagner

Rising Canadian country artist Samara Yung recently released her newest single with “In Case You Missed Me.”

As one of the most promising next generation voices of country music, Samara showcases her powerful vocals throughout the song about holding out hope that a relationship isn’t completely over. Written by Emma-Lee, Sykamore, and Bobby Campbell, as soon as Samara heard it she knew she had to record it.

“Emma-Lee passed along the song to my manager. She was also a co-writer on “Swerve”, and I loved the title immediately. The lyric, the melody, everything about it captured me and I knew I had to record this one on the first listen!”

“I think everyone can relate to this at some point in their life, where they just don’t want to give up on that special person and they are just hoping they feel the same way.” 

As usual, once the song was in Samara’s hands there were modifications to the lyrics and production she shares.

“Production wise, a lot changes when you take a song into the studio. My producer Danick Dupelle is the mastermind behind all of the production. He’s incredible at what he does and really makes this song really represent who I am as an artist taking all the elements of country, pop & rock to create my sound. He pushes me vocally and it’s made me so proud of the music we have created!” 

The reception to the song has been strong as fans have shared their love for it on socials and continued plays on streaming platforms. The song is actually being sent to radio this week.

When asked what she hope fans takeaway from the song, she hopes fans simply jam out to the song whether they’re driving or just at home.

“They’ve already been reacting as well as we could have ever expected. ICYMM is just such a jam in all respects. I love how the beat just drives the song and yet she’s super sad. It’s this perfect blend of not giving up and declaring your love for someone, which is just so fresh. I hope everyone just adds this one to their playlists and jams it out in the cars or in their homes. That’s all anyone can ever expect as an artist and I feel so lucky to be the one that gets to call this song mine!”

Check out “In Case You Missed Me” here: