Travis Denning Continues Momentum With New EP “Beer’s Better Cold”

By Aaron Wagner

Two plus years ago, Travis Denning burst on to the scene with the addicting and relatable fan favorite “David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs.” The song peaked at #32 but it was clear that Denning was a name to watch.

Fast forward two years later and his current single “After a Few” is currently sitting at #5 on the charts right now and is poised to reach the top of the charts. This weekend he released his debut EP titled Beer’s Better Cold.

The EP has Travis doubling down on his success balancing between beer drinking with buddies and the vulnerable songs of heartbreak and falling in love. For being early in his career, Travis shows that he knows exactly who he is with this EP and his confident authenticity comes across on this project.

“Where That Beer’s Been” is a fun country song about no matter where the beer is made and transported, it’s going straight down the hatch. Add this one to your summer bonfire playlist. As mentioned earlier, “After a Few” is currently Top 5 on charts, but it’s a really well-written and produced song about rekindling the flame with an ex after a few drinks.

“ABBY” is such a clever song title and song concept about moving on from someone. He then switches moods to “Tank Of Gas And A Radio Song” as he goes back in time to when he was falling in love fast and hard. I would love to see this one get to radio at some point.

One of my favorite songs on the project is “Beer’s Better Cold.” The mid-tempo song is simply a great country song about the smaller things in life we really love and treasure. He wraps up the EP with arguably the best song in “Sittin’ By A Fire.” His phone is getting blown up by his buddies to join them at a fire and that’s exactly what he plans to do….only without a big group, opting to stay close to his girl by a fire instead.

There’s a ton to like on this project. If I’m being honest, any of these songs serve as great options for his next single to keep his momentum going.