Chase Rice Drops Part II of “The Album”

By Emily Wagner

It’s time for more new Chase Rice music and if it seems like we just told you this a few months ago, you’re right. Rice released The Album Part I, back in January, and now it’s time for Part II. 

I love this concept from Rice, who says he wants to give more new music to the fans more often, but in bite size pieces. In a world of streaming and EPs, and singles, the 10-13 song album is becoming a lost art. So Rice is getting with the times. The Album Part II is made up of 4 songs and possibly some of the best ones of his career.

“Break. Up. Drunk” co written by Rice, Hunter Phelps and Jordan Schmidt, is my pick to be his next single and eventually his next number one song. It seems like Rice has included some European influence in this song, almost like a modern Irish folk song.

“Belong” is one that Rice wrote nearly two years ago, initially trying to pinpoint on the ever divided world of red and blue. The song almost didn’t make the EP, but Rice thought it actually works out well considering the state of the world today amid the pandemic.

“You” is the first song on the album and is easily the most sonically daring song of the 4, but it works. With a little more rock and roll and the female harmonies “You” sounds darker than the lyrics portray. 

“Down Home Runs Deep” is the only song of the 4 that Rice didn’t co-write, but have no fear, it’s in the capable hands of hit maker Hardy. Rice loved the song instantly, and said if reminded him exactly of how he grew up and his hometown. 

And the best news of all of this, is that Chase Rice says he already has songs ready for Part III, some of his personal favorite songs. So don’t be surprised if we’re back here before the end of the year discussing yet more new Chase Rice music.