Nate Smith Releases Debut EP “Reckless”

By Aaron Wagner

Nate Smith is an up and coming country artist who originally hails from California. A few years ago after the devastating wildfires, Nate decided it was time to make the move to Nashville to chase his musical dreams.

When it comes to his sound, think of a cross between Mitchell Tenpenny and Eli Young Band. I realize how strong of a statement that is but I really like his voice and the music he’s making.

He recently released his. debut EP titled Reckless which features. four tracks that give us a better idea of the artist he aspires to be and the music he wants to make.

He kicks things off with a rocking song about loving how much fun his girl is in “The Way She Rolls.” It’s the type of song that you would definitely hear at country radio. The title track “Reckless” has him realizing that he’s made some mistakes with his relationship in the past. He’s hurt people, but he wants to make amends for his mistakes.

“Wildfire” is a song that describes how those initial sparks can grow stronger and stronger with someone. He wraps up his debut project with a really clever and heartfelt song about being a musician chasing his dream. On the surface “She” is about a girl you meet at a Broadway bar, but in reality he’s singing about the city of Nashville.

Give Nate Smith’s debut project a listen. You’re going to enjoy each and every track.