Newcomer Hayden Joseph Drops New Single “19 & Cryin'”

By Aaron Wagner

As Hayden Joseph shares, no breakup is every easy but there’s always something different and a bit special about the first one. He ended up writing and releasing a song about those very feelings this week called “19 & Cryin’.”

We talked with Hayden about what this song means to him and to finally get it out in the world.

“Initially, I never intended for this song to be a part of the EP. I didn’t write the song through a commercial lens;  I wrote honest, personal lyrics that I was proud of, but assumed no one else would really “get.” When I started playing original material at live shows, I worked this in a few times, and was shocked by the audience’s reaction.  People seemed to connect with the song so consistently (I now close most of my shows with it),” says Hayden.

He continues, “When I began releasing produced singles last year, I chose songs I felt were safer, catchier, and more fun first, but I have consistently gotten messages from people asking “When do we get ’19 & Cryin’??” It felt like now was finally the time to share this with the world more broadly.”

When you listen to “19 & Cryin'” you instantly feel the emotions that Hayden feels and you’re immediately transported back to that time where you had your first breakup and heartache. It doesn’t come from a place of bitterness because there’s still something special about that first person.

We asked Hayden about the writing and process and how the song came together. While most of his songs tend to come together really quickly, that was definitely not the case for this new release.

“Usually, my songs come together fairly quickly.  Most of (what I feel are) my best songs came together in less than an hour.  That was NOT the case with this song.  This song took me weeks to write because I had so much that I wanted to say, and frankly, I was a bit scared to write it.  I revisited lyrics and tweaked phrases over and over until I felt I finally got it right.” 

“The production process actually took even longer because the original version of the song came out sounding great, but I felt the polish ultimately took away from the emotion I wanted.  What I ultimately decided to do was re-record the song, and release the original version as an “Alternate Pop Mix.”

Hayden hopes that most of all when people listen to the song that the feel something, the same way he did.

 “I think what this song has reinforced for me is that the best songs are those that make you feel something.  The songs and events that inspired me to write this made me feel something, and, out of everything I have written, “19 & Cryin'” is the song that makes me “feel” the most.  I am both terrified and excited to share it with people.  I quite honestly just hope that listeners also “feel” something when they hear this song.”

Take a listen to his new single “19 & Cryin'”