New In Nashville: This Week’s New Music Recap

Jordan Davis – “Almost Maybes”
JD is cranking out some really good music. This is a fun one to listen to.

Tim McGraw – “I Called Mama”
Tim drops his new one appropriately around Mother’s Day.

Danielle Bradbery – “Never Have I Ever”
One of the best vocalists in country music released a new one this week.

Taylor Acorn & Dan Swank – “It’s Not This”
Loving this new one from Taylor this week as she sings about having trouble getting over a relationship.

Ryan Griffin – “Name On It”
One of my favorite under the radar writers releases another new song for himself.

Martina McBride – “Girls Like Me”
Written by Haile Wooldridge on this past week’s episode of Songland, this song brought Martina to tears during the show.

Ryan Kinder & Kevin McAllister – “We Will Survive”
Ryan teams up with Nashville produced Kevin McAllister for this uplifting song.

Canaan Cox – “Stay Home”
Everything Canaan puts out is so catchy. His new release this week has him begging an ex not to go out so he doesn’t have to wonder how he’ll react seeing her with someone new.

Olivia Lane – “Living Instead”
We all have a tendency to overthink at times, whether it’s at work or dating and Olivia sings about those feelings.

Emma White – “Never Give Up”
She absolutely pours her out in this demo and I’m so glad she decided to share this demo with the world.

Julia Cole – “White Pearls”
Julia has some absolute bops but her ability to go from that to a deep ballad like “White Pearls” is really dang impressive.

Clayton Anderson – “Struggle Bus”
We all have bad days and seasons where we struggle more than others and Clayton sings about those times and how we can lean on our friends and family to cheer us up with something simple as a night drinking with pals.

Faren Rachels – “Smoke”
It might be prisoner of the moment but at the current moment, I think this is Faren’s best song to date. I really enjoy it as she sings about being in a new relationship but still not over the previous guy.

Lauren Jenkins – “Ain’t That Hard”
One of the most talented artists around, Lauren released a new song this week, independently, about being comfortable being uncomfortable.

Jake Rose – “Don’t Need Fun”
This is such a fun one between the hilarious lyrics and the quirky production. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ward Thomas – “Hold Space”
A song about dealing with the hand you’re dealt by living life as best as one can, this one is pretty catchy and their vocals are spot on as usual.

Nikita Karmen – “Came Close”
Nikita is out with another great one this week as she continues to release great song after great song.

Lakeview – “Rain Down”
These country up and comers released a steamy new jam this week.

Craig Campbell – “All My Friends Drink Beer”
Add this to your summer bonfire playlist and turn it up loud.

Curtis Grimes – “Little Bit”
Such a great song about the special relationship between a father and a daughter.

17 Memphis – “Dance Floor”
The duo’s new song this week is a country/pop type of song that has them thinking about the past with a former flame.

Adam Hambrick – “Between Me and the End of the World”
If you’re someone who is fighting on the front lines of coronavirus this inspirational song is just for you.

Hayden Joseph – “19 & Cryin'”
Singing about the difficulty of moving on from that first special relationship, Hayden’s new one has him being vulnerable with his experiences and emotions.

Clay Hollis – “Here I Go Again”
This Texan rising artist is out with his new release this week as he sings about trying to get over a girl.

Carter Winter – “Higher On You”
If you’re a fan of Michael Ray’s sound, then I think you’re really gonna like this new one from Carter Winter.

Baker Grissom – “Drink for That”
Raise up your glasses and cheers to whatever you need to cheers for. There’s many reasons why we drink as Baker sings about.

Corey Crowder – “My Poor Mama”
One of Nashville’s biggest songwriters and producers releases his own song this week.

Andrew Hyatt – “Stuck”
The country up and comer sings about being stuck in his attempt to finally move on from a previous relationship in his new song this week.

Angie K – “You Carry Me Too”
A song to pull at your heartstrings from Angie K this week.

Abigail Neilson – “Ruby”
I absolutely love Abigail’s voice in this song that has her singing about the difficulties of growing up and navigating life as a teenager.

Sean Verchick – “Use Me”
Sean releases his debut song and has some smooth vocals to back it up.

Nate Smith – “Reckless”
Nate realizes that he hasn’t been loving and treating his woman the way he wants to in this new one. Think Jordan Davis mixed with Chase Rice.

Caroline Marquard – “Never Should’ve Left”
This week’s new music is all about heartbreak isn’t it? Love the spin that Caroline puts on the story in her new release.

Kendra Kay – “Steady”
Digging this super catchy one from this country riser.

Royal South – “I Don’t Wanna Want You”
Some people just have that connection with you and you end doing things you wouldn’t normally do.