Throwback Jam: “That’s What I Love About Sunday”

By Emily Wagner

In 2004 Craig Morgan released what would go on to be his biggest hit.

Spending four weeks at the number one slot on the charts, “That’s What I Love About Sunday” checked off a lot of firsts in Morgan’s career. To this date it’s his only number one song. It was also the first #1 for his record label, Broken Bow, and it was the first independently distributed song to reach the top spot since 2000. The song went on to be named the Song of the Year in 2005 according to Billboard.

The song was written by Mark Narmore and Adam Dorsey, in a Chinese restaurant of all places.  While Dorsey grew up in Alabama, Narmore is from Southern California, bringing two completely different perspectives to the song. While church was a big part of their life growing up, they made sure to keep a lot of the themes in the song as relatable as possible- a backyard football game, swinging on the front porch, changing out of your ‘church clothes’ into blue jeans. The two even threw in some personal references from their own congregations, the Martins where a family that Adam’s family was close with and breaking a window is now a fond memory from when he was 10.

Regardless of religious preferences, this song gives off that feeling of a relaxing day, spent with the ones you love, doing nothing of great significance. It makes you yearn for more days like that and appreciate it more when they come along.