Hot Country Knights Make A Splashy Debut With “The K Is Silent”

By Aaron Wagner

Move over NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys. There’s a new band in town.

While some may question the legitimacy of Hot Country Knights, what I do know is that Hot Country Knight’s frontman Douglas Douglason has immense potential that we haven’t seen since Justin Timberlake was leading NSYNC to the top of the charts. It’s only a matter of time until Doug goes solo, stars in Lifetime rom-coms, and makes a questionable move performing at the Super Bowl.

We get a glimpse as to how far they’re willing to go with their steamy duet with country legend Terri Clark in “You Make It Hard.” The vocals are top-notch as one would expect and the lyrics are very much up for interpretation. That song is the climax of the album as they give the project a proper send with an ode to the red, white, and blue in “The USA Begins With US.”

While 2019 brought us the viral Blanco Brown’s “The Git Up”, in my mind Hot Country Knights has this year’s viral dance with “Moose Knuckle Shuffle.” This toe-tapping song is one you’re going play over and over on Touch Tunes after your town’s Wednesday night bowling league.

The group shows its softer side with songs like “Asphalt” and “Then It Rained.” These are the songs that really pull at the heartstrings and the types of songs that country icon Garth Brooks would even be proud of. But Doug and company find themselves in a hairy situation as they sing about begging their lover to forgive them and give them one last chance at love in “Mull It Over.”

With a band name like Hot Country Knights you gotta have some party jams that you can rock out to while tipping it on back with your buddies at a bonfire during summer. “Wrangler Danger” and “Kings of Neon” are country songs that stir up those nostalgic feelings we all have about our youthful days while “Hot Country Knights” is going to be the soundtrack to your summer nights.

While I could give you my stamp of approval on this fun project, the fact that Travis Tritt joins the group on “Pick Her Up” is the only stamp of approval you need. Is there anything more country than Travis Tritt? I think not.

Give this project a listen folks. Coming to a dive bar near you soon.