Artist You Need to Know: Lainey Wilson

Photo Credit: Alex Berger

By Aaron Wagner

You know how some people just have that “it” factor? It’s hard to describe but you know that whatever it is, they have it. For me that’s Lainey Wilson.

I had listened to her music, but admittedly not as often as I should’ve. A few months ago she was part of a writers round lineup at Live Oak and absolutely stole the show. Her vocals, clever storytelling in her lyrics, and her banter and humility with Jimmie Allen and Abby Anderson also on stage stood out.

Not only is Lainey a very talented artist, but she has worked her ass off to get where she is so far.

Born in Louisiana, her family loved music so that naturally got passed down to her as she began to write songs at a young age and began performing at different fairs and festivals in town, including playing the role of Hannah Montana for children’s birthday parties.

She eventually made the move to Nashville where she absolutely grinded it out.

She lived out of her pull-behind camper trailer in the parking lot of one of her friend’s recording studio. She did this for three years. Oftentimes, she would go back and forth to Louisiana for regular gigs. During this time she continued to write on a regular basis and making connections with other writers and musicians in town.

That all paid off in 2018 as she signed a publishing deal with Sony/ATV in March and a record deal with Broken Bow Records in August.

When it comes to her sound and the type of music she makes, the best comparison I can make is the female version of Luke Combs. It’s. her ability to construct a set of lyrics and then go out and. sing it in a way that comes across as authentic and important to her. If you want me to go further, I don’t think it’s out of the realm to see her follow in Miranda Lambert’s footsteps and become one of the more recognizable artists in country music.

Here are some of my favorite songs of hers that you need to check out.

“Things A Man Oughta Know” is an emotional song that has her sharing that she can do a lot of things that a man can do, but has her wondering why a particular man can’t figure out what women, Lainey in this situation, want.

“Waste of Good Whiskey” is a groovy number that has her singing about those nights where you bump into a stranger that ends up making the night a blast. In the moment it’s fun but you wake up the next day wishing it was real rather than just a fun time…and a waste of whiskey.

“Dirty Looks” might be favorite along with my next recommendation. It’s a blue collar love song that has her cleverly playing with the “dirty looks” lyric that shows off her songwriting ability.

LA” is my jam. When it comes on, I automatically crank it loud as she sings about how proud she is to be from the country and the South.

I really believe that Lainey has star potential and it’s only a matter of time until she has that one song that absolutely blows up at radio. Once that happens, it’s going to be fast and furious for her.