New In Nashville: This Week’s New Music Recap

Brett Young – “Lady”
If you’re a parent this song will absolutely pull at your heartstrings.

Kenny Chesney – “Happy Does”
Kenny dropped his new album and there is not a single bad song. They’re all great. This one is one of my favorites.

Luke Combs – “Six Feet Apart”
Luke went viral a couple weeks ago when he shared this song on social media and he ended up recording. One of my favorites that have been inspired by Coronavirus.

Logan Mize and Donovan Woods – “Grew Apart”
This has been on repeat all weekend. The lyrics, the vocals, and the cool production make this song irresistible.

Kip Moore – “Crazy For You Tonight”
You wanna find an artist who is comfortable in his own skin and the music he makes? It’s Kip Moore.

One of those songs about the nights we don’t remember.

Hot Country Knights – “Wrangler Danger”
The 90s country project from Dierks is officially out in its entirety and while some. of these songs are humorous, they’re really good country songs.

Dixie Chicks – “Julianna Calm Down”
Another new song from. the group as they gear up for a new album later this year. This song has them encouraging young women everywhere to stick up for themselves.

Gabby Barrett with Shane & Shane – “Got Me”
After reaching #1 with “I Hope” Gabby announced a new album. coming out in June including this new tune.

High Valley – “Northern Star”
The duo’s new release this week, just might be my favorite song from them ever. Yes, I said ever.

Lori McKenna with Liz Rose and Hillary Lindsey – “When You’re My Age”
One of the best songwriters in country music (“Humble and Kind” and “Girl Crush”) Lori created a beautiful song here.

Cash Campbell – “The Woman In It”
One of my favorites this week. A really heartfelt song with a great production sound to it. Cash should be really proud of this one.

SixForty1 – “Somebody’s Gonna”
You know those songs that are going to be good based on the opening. music? Yeah, that’s this one. So good.

Leaving Austin – “Too Late”
I just love harmonies and sound that this group originally from California have on this new one this week.

Ian McConnell – “Bad Idea”
This country riser is creating some of the freshest new music in Nashville.

Rachele Lynae – “Ground Me”
Her new one this week has her imagining how she would struggle to live life without her guy who keeps her grounded.

Dillon Carmichael – “Country Boy Lovin'”
I’m just a fan of the type of music Dillon makes and this song is an absolute jam.

Jayne Denham, Jasmine Rae, and Amber Lawrence – “Porch Party”
These three ladies from down under created such a fun summer jam with “Porch Party.” Crank it up.

Hayley Orrantia – “Made For This”
A beautiful song written about Hayley’s mom that show’s how much she appreciates her.

Sunny Sweeney – “Poet’s Prayer”
Her new release this week has her singing about the ups and downs of the music business.

Riley Thomas and Ollie Joseph – “Best Friend”
This song isn’t going to get confused for a Luke Combs song, but I could care less. This is so damn catchy.

CJ Solar – “Coming My Way”
The up and coming artist dropped a new EP this weekend and I’m really. digging the title track.

Clare Dunn – “Safe Haven”
I really love the conviction I hear in Clare’s voice in this song. One of my favorites from her lately.

Caitlin Quisenberry – “Let Love Die”
Caitlin puts so much raw emotion into her music and it truly comes through

The Swon Brothers – “Mommas”
I’m enjoying that a bunch fo artists are releasing odes to their moms around Mother’s Day and this song from The Swon Brothers is so well done.

Chevel Shepherd – “Southern Boy”
The former contestant from The Voice has this smooth southern voice that just captures your attention and her new release highlights that.

Matt Williams – “Drinking ‘Bout You”
Drinking won’t remedy away Matt’s memories of an old flame in his new song this week.

Lauren Lizabeth – “Wreck It”
You can really feel the emotion and raw feelings in Lauren’s voice in her new song. as she weighs whether to keep trying with a relationship or blow things up once and for all.

James Robert Webb – “Now We’re Gettin’ Somewhere”
James dropped a new album and if you’re a fan of that 90s country sound you will absolutely love this new project from him.

Kendall Pennington – “Heaven Probably Loves You”
This is such a catchy beat but the lyrics are really meaningful as Kendall is singing about all the memories she has of her mother.

Jake Hoot – “Dangerous Thing”
The defending champion of The Voice released his latest this week.

Chris Housman – “Tomorrow, Tonight”
Sometimes life gets stressful but Chris says, sometimes we just have to worry about it tomorrow so we can enjoy the day today.

Bailey Hefley – “Doing Time with You”
A clever song that has her comparing her love life with a life on the run as a dangerous criminal.

JuJu Rossi – “Drivin’ With the Brakes On”
Her new one hooks you in right away from the start. It’s a really fun one.

Ryan Robinette – “Eraser”
Ryan sings about how difficult it can be to finally erase someone that was once so special.

Jon Robert Hall – “Rain in California”
Getting major Chris Lane and Sam Hunt vibes from this new song. So dang catchy.

Jade Helliwell – “The Moment”
Jade’s voice is so smooth and beautiful that it really makes the lyrics in a song like this shine.

Lauren Hall – “Backwards”
Really loving this song about how in the moment things may sing frustrating, but when you’re able to look back on it you’re grateful for that experience for what it led to.