Rising Artist KayBe Debuts Music Video for “I Fall In Love”

By Aaron Wagner

Rising artist KayBe is debuting her music video for her latest single “I Fall In Love.” The music video brings to life the message of falling in love over and over again and that fairytale loves are actually attainable in real life. KayBe chatted with Raised On It about the music video and what she hopes people take away from it.

What’s the story behind the song?

“I had realized that my boyfriend was coming to all my shows and all I had done was sing songs about other people. So I knew I needed to write something about him (I hadn’t because I was so swept up!)  I sat down and just started playing the piano and it was just ‘’I fall in love over and over again.’ That was the only thought that could come to my mind. It’s the simplest, sweetest, uncomplicated thought that I could ever have.”

“I actually tried to complicate the song, there’s no way the song could be that simple. But after sitting on it for quite a few months it just was the way it was, and that’s just the truth of it.”

“I tried playing it live a few times but it bombed in the live audience setting. It didn’t translate well.  I just hadn’t gotten it right yet.  So I was on the verge of letting it go… just knowing it was good for the time, but wasn’t worth recording cus it just wasn’t that great.  But when I had my very first meeting with my producer, Zak Lloyd, I had planned to play so many other songs as possibilities to work on, but I sat down and he asked me to play something… for some reason… that was the song that I chose.  Then he produced it in an hour and it’s just what you hear today.”

When you were recording the song did you have a music video in mind?

“Actually, no! This music video has been quite the journey. The song seemed so simple, that I didn’t want to do too much with the song and ruin the simplicity of it. I didn’t see how a music video could work without overcomplicating the concept of the song. That’s what I was afraid of.”

“But then I found this beautiful venue with an open room and a piano. I instantly thought that I could just sit there and play the piano and my mind started to create from there… with the help of my director and cinematographer and from the original thought to shoot a music video on Thursday evening… we planned and did the thing by Monday night!”

What was the process like recording the music video and coming up with the idea?

“We were hoping to get the room during the day when it was completely whitewashed and flooded with light. However, we got it at night so we had to quickly change everything, but we love a challenge.  That’s when Drew, our cinematographer’s talents really went to work!”

“Initially I thought that we had overcomplicated the concept more than I wanted. Honestly, I sat on the video for a while after watching the final product because at the time I wasn’t sure how I really felt about it. Those were some tough conversations to have with the director.”

“We ended up sitting down and changing some things in a way that I am absolutely thrilled about now.  I have experience however with having a hard dislike for things that end up being my favorite… maybe because it challenges me to step outside the box and open my mind in a way I hadn’t known before.  I also am so grateful for a dedicated team that I’ve surrounded myself with and for Brendan, the director who heard all of my concerns and understood me and patiently and open-mindedly helped us re-navigate the way to our final product!”

What things did you end up changing for the final cut?

“We put a spin on it that you may not understand from watching it.”

“It’s an ode to writing a song and bringing that song to its full realization. It starts with a simple idea with me playing the piano in a performance like setting.  Just like any other performance when the singer sings to the audience and invites them to imagine in their own heads.  But then when the black and white comes in it’s me literally bringing you into my actual world and I’m inviting you into my head and thoughts at the moment, like ‘Do you see what I’m trying to tell you when I’m singing this song?'”

“Then at the end, it fades back into color and we’re back into that original performance venue. You’re let back out of the daydream, out of the reality of the song, and then I go back to the piano and I’m like ‘This is my song, do you understand what I’m trying to tell you?  Do you see that I really mean what I’m saying?  It really is JUST like that.'”

What do you hope people who watch the music video take away from it?

“When you’re growing up, some people tell you not to set high expectations, love isn’t a fairy tale and it’s not everything you hope. But I’ve never lost hope in that.”

“It’s the truth – I fall in love over and over again and this is not a dramatic or cliche love song. I hope that you fall in love over and over again too otherwise you should keep looking. I hope that with the ‘dream-like’ or “Hollywood romantic style” vision we were trying to create, where people say it’s only in movies…it’s really not.”

“I hope that people take away that feeling. If you can at least believe in that, you know then what to look for. It’s the truth of the song.”

Director:  Brendan Nagle
Cinematographer:  Drew Ganyer
Steady Cam:  Jose Figueroa-Baez


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