Drew Parker

Artist You Need to Know: Drew Parker

By Emily Wagner

Georgia boy, Drew Parker, is in a class of country singers, that you should know their name now, but definitely will know about in a couple years.

When Parker made the move to Nashville in 2015 he signed a publishing deal and began getting cuts from some pretty big names like Jake Owen and Luke Combs. But now Parker is keeping some of his work for himself, and turning into an all-out country music artist. 

Fans will love Parker’s sound, his entire persona which is fun and outrageous (think Brad Paisley, “Alcohol” & “I’m Going To Miss Her), to more grounded songs full of sentiment, (like Cody Johnson’s “On My Way To You” or “Understand Why”). Regardless, there is never a lack of true country music in each of Drew Parker’s songs. For those of us who love that 90’s country sound with a modern twist, Parker is your guy who can seamlessly weave the two styles within a 3 minute song.

Although it’s never a bad idea to dive right on in and listen to all the Drew Parker songs you can find, here’s a few to get you started and give you a good idea what Parker and his music are all about:

Hell Yeah Say When“- It’s his latest single which is no surprise with it’s catchy hook; it gives off early 2000s Chris Cagle vibes.

Party in the Back” – Parker pulls out his deep country roots in this one, a song centered around…lawn care. Watch the music video and you’ll get it.

 “Daddy Did” – A cut from his 2018 EP, it’s a sweet song about how influential that father/son relationship can be.