New Music Roundup

Keith Urban – “Polaroid”
This summer jam is Keith at his best. So addictive.

Kane Brown – “Cool Again”
Speaking of summer jams, add this new one from Kane to your summer playlist.

Kenny Chesney – “We Do”
This new song has future single written all over it as he gears up to drop the new album May 1st.

Taylor Acorn – “Paper Airplanes”
We’re huge fans of Taylor, so we don’t say this lightly – this might be her best song to date. The songwriting is so damn impressive.

Walker Hayes – “Trash My Heart”
Things get out of hand romantically for Walker but he doesn’t seem to mind.

Madeline Merlo – “Kiss Kiss”
You may recognize her from appearing on NBC’s Songland as the songwriter on Lady A’s newest single but this girl can sing. “Kiss Kiss” is something I would love to get a chance at radio. Check out this song and the two others she released this week.

Hot Country Knights with Terri Clark – “You Make It Hard”
There’s no doubt that Hot Country Knights are all about 90s country with this throwback sounding collab with a 90s legend herself.

Lainey Wilson – “Rolling Stone”
Her newest has her weighing her options between chasing her dreams or settling down.

Waterloo Revival – “Something You Ain’t Ever Had”
A song about promising a new type of love that she’s never experienced is the duo’s latest this week.

Clay Walker – “Easy Goin”
A heartbreak song where the biggest bummer of a breakup is that it wasn’t hard for her to leave.

Craig Morgan – “Sippin’ On The Simple Life”
This song is gonna make you want to have that beer with your friend on a front porch. The simple life.

Eric Ethridge – “Forever With You”
Eric dropped a new EP this week and I’m really enjoying this song in particular.

Ryan Hurd – “Every Other Memory”
Featuring background vocals from Maren, this song about strong memories of that special person shows Hurd continues to make better music. He’s in a good groove now.

Rachel Wammack – “When I Say Amen”
She shared that she wrote this song two years ago, but with the tornado hitting Nashville and COVID changing everyone’s life, felt that now was a good time to release it.

Drake White – “Luckiest Man”
The last year or so has been tough on Drake so I’m so happy to see him out with a new EP, including this little number.

Kristin Carter – “Double Take”
Inject this song into my veins! Such a fun and badass song from the country riser.

John Rich – “Rebel Wings”
Another song as part of the “Love Lives On” project honoring those that lost their life which is coming out Memorial Day weekend.

Jade Eagleson – “Close”
Woah, when you hear Jade’s voice open the song you’re mesmerized by how flawless it is. This dude’s future doesn’t have a ceiling.

Ashland Craft – “Trainwreck”
This past week not only did she drop this great new song, but she announced her record deal. If you’re looking for the next singer to make a splash, our gut is telling us it just might be Ashland.

Lauren Mascitti – “God Made a Woman”
The title track of her new album released this week which will transport you back to the 90s country sound everyone loves so much.

Jason Blaine – “Helluva Band in Heaven”
Another great piece of storytelling as he compares a night out in the sticks in the middle of a storm with the legends up in heaven that are putting on a show for us.

Joey Hyde – “Live It Up”
This is catchy right off the bat as Joey sings about living life in his new one this week.

Lena Stone – “Princess”
There’s just something about Lena’s voice that makes you want to listen to more of her music. Lucky for fans, she dropped her new EP this week.

Lexie Hayden – “Go To”
Everyone has their go-to drink, their favorite shirt for a night out, that hideaway spot, and Lexie brilliantly rolls all of those things up to tell a story about her guy is her “go-to.”

Murphy Elmore – “Blue Lights”
A song perfect for driving as Murphy is ready to jump into the relationship whenever the girl is ready to do the same.

Garrett Jacobs – “Young Love”
This up and coming artist just continues to drop catchy tune after another.

Jordan Brooker – “Lost”
Brooker shows off his range in his new one this week as he talks about getting lost in the comfort of a girl.

Samuel Herb – “Waffle House”
The song title grabs your attention but I can promise you it’s not a cheerful song. You have to check out this story Sam sings about.

Johnny Day – “Nothin’ Better To Do”
Johnny takes a trip down memory lane to the good old days where we didn’t have many responsibilities and doing dumb stuff because there wasn’t anything else to do.

Tigirlily – “Unravel”
This new sister duo has such a cool and unique sound to them. It’s hard to put them in a specific genre box but their storytelling and ability to craft lyrics is definitely a country thing.

17 Memphis – “Song I Know”
These two have such a unique sound that I absolutely love. Their latest is a catchy mid-tempo one that you’ll be replaying all week.

Alee – “No One Like You”
A light and fun song that has her declaring her love and that nobody can match what her man offers her.

Darby – “New Girl”
Tori Kelly gone country. That’s what comes to mind when I hear Darby and her new song this week.

Maddie Larkin – “Loving You Is Killing Me”
An equally emotional and empowering song, everything from the message to the production is really good.

Calynn Green – “Local”
I’m getting major Hunter Hayes crossed with Spencer Crandall vibes from Calynn as his new one this week is addicting.

Jasmine Rae – “Fraudulent”
The Australian-born singer doesn’t pull any punches when describing the state of her relationship.

Rob Mayes – “Didn’t Do This On My Own”
I can’t place my finger on which artist(s) Rob sounds like but this is such a fun sounding tune to rock out to on the highway.