Lee Ann Rimes

Throwback Jam: LeAnn Rimes’ “One Way Ticket”

By Emily Wagner

I’m not sure what you were doing when you were 13, but if you were like me you definitely were not recording country music and earning a number one song.

Back in 1996, 13 going on 14-year-old LeAnn Rimes released her 4th single, “One Way Ticket (Because I Can).” The song was written by Judy Rodman and Keith Hinton, and apparently Rimes was able to record her vocals in one cut. That means when I’m singing this song at the top of my lungs with the windows down in the car, I’m singing along with a 13-year-old who only needed one take to perfect the song. Incredible.

While the 90’s version of the song is an uptempo, flying down the highway kind of song, Rimes re-released the song in 2018 as a slower, more dramatic ballad version of the song. Whatever style of the song you like best, it’s easy to see why the song itself one of the more iconic 90’s women country songs.