Recapping Adam Doleac’s New EP “Famous”

By Emily Wagner

I have to be honest right away. I’m a big fan, on the verge of fan girl status, of Adam Doleac. Ever since “Bigger Than Us” showed up on some Spotify playlist 3 years ago, there has not been a song that he’s released, that I have not loved. Lucky for me, this is just the beginning for Adam.

Last week he released his six-song EP, Famous. Of course the title track is the main reason for Adam’s latest success. The single “Famous” spent 2 weeks at #1 on The Highway’s Hot Country Countdown on Sirius XM.” 

There’s a few other familiar songs on the EP for those of us who have followed Adam the last few years, and a few that surprisingly are not on the album, that deserve recognition. 

“Whiskey’s Fine” has been in Doleac’s repertoire for a few years, a song that sounds as smooth as the whiskey, he’s singing about. Doleac has the great ability to give off different tastes of John Mayer, Michael Buble, or Brett Eldredge, but still sounding completely himself and original.  He does that in “Mom and Daddy’s Money,” a song that pulls back a little and lets the lyrics shine, depicting that perspective that we only gain by getting older.

A personal favorite has to be “Neon Fools” a song that I think is the perfect follow up to “Famous.” I love the fun Adam has with the lyrics, the internal struggle of wanting something, or someone, even though you know it’s not the right decision. It’s not hard to see that Doleac is a songwriter first, he knows how to write a hook, and how to use words to his advantage, it’s a true artistic ability.

The EP gives us another two new songs with “SOLO” and “I Choose Lonely” which both take on the same subject, just from different perspectives. And that’s what good music, talks about the same ideas and themes, in completely new and unexplored ways.

While you are checking out the album, be sure to dig a little deeper into Adam Doleac’s songs. Who knows the decision behind which songs make the EP and those that don’t, but as a fan, there should have been some way to incorporate three other incredible songs, “Bigger Than Us,  “Puzzle of Us,” and “Wake Up Beautiful.” In other words, don’t be afraid to dig into Doleac’s latest EP “Famous” and if you stumble upon some of his other songs, it really won’t be the worst thing in the world.