Bree Doster

Bree Doster’s Debut EP Is The Type of Project That Turns Heads

By Aaron Wagner

Bree Doster’s self-titled debut EP is the type of project that deserves to be heard on vinyl.

Doster’s mixture of soulful blues with a traditional country raspiness makes this EP such a joy to listen to. It’s not something that’s overly produced, rather this project has her unique vocals carry each of the songs. It might not be the soundtrack to your Saturday night party, but it can definitely be the soundtrack to sitting on the porch watching the sunset.

Think of an artist like Hailey Whitters, Ingrid Andress or Caitlyn Smith (a co-writer one of the songs) when you listen to Bree Doster’s music. It’s simply easy on the ears.

The opening track “Chasing Ghosts” is a beautifully haunting song about two people who use to be in love, but are hesitant to admit that those people aren’t the. same anymore. The emotion is just pouring out in this one. “As Good As I Remember It” has Bree going down memory lane of a past relationship thinking about all the good times and wondering if it was as good as she remembers or if she’s only seeing the good things.

“Chasing Ghosts”

“Back to What Broke Me” has her reliving the painful past. She lays it all out on the line in a way that I’m sure is very vulnerable for her, but it makes the song special. Caitlyn Smith is a co-writer on “Drown,” a fun song about falling in love. It’s easy to see how these two would work together as they have a similar style.

She wraps up the EP with “Let You Love Me” and “Waiting On You.” “Let You Love Me” has her singing about letting her guard down a bit and being open to the idea of a new relationship. “Waiting On You” is an emotional piano ballad that has her singing from the perspective of a mom whose husband ran out and never returned. Bree’s vocals on this song bring out the emotion and pain in a way that almost makes you forget to breathe.

This is only the beginning for Bree Doster. Her songwriting and unique voice blended together creates a sound that is so worth listening to. For the sake of country music, and music in general, I hope her career continues to ascend.