New Music Roundup

Brett Eldredge – “Gabrielle”
We are blessed with not one, not two, but three new songs from the soulful singer this week.

Jameson Rodgers with Luke Combs – “Cold Beer Calling My Name”
These two best buds team up for a blue-collar collaboration.

Brad Paisley – “No I In Beer”
We’ve been getting a few new inspirational songs from artists during these trying times, but Brad gives us classic feel-good and humorous Brad with this new one.

Lady Antebellum – “Champagne Night”
Written by rising artist Madeline Merlo on NBC’s Songland, this song was truly made for Lady A and they crushed it.

Kenny Chesney – “Guys Named Captain”
Kenny gives a tip of the hat to his friends who live the life on the road or the life on the water.

Kip Moore – “Southpaw”
Kip fans can rejoice with yet another new song from the artist who is imagining his life as an outlaw in his new one this week.

Morgan Wallen – “More Than My Hometown”
Wallen continues to be a force as his new release this week has him singing about how strong his feelings are for this girl, but he’ll never be able to leave his hometown which he loves the most.

Adam Doleac – “I Choose Lonely”
This great song is one of three new ones from his EP he released this week.

Jana Kramer – “Untouchable”
Her new song this week has her in search of a love that is untouchable and unbreakable.

Shawn Austin – “Send It My Way”
This Canadian country artist just creates good song after song, yet again.

Alex Stern – “The Choice”
Alex pours her heart out and makes herself completely vulnerable in this ballad.

Mark Leach – “The Other Guy”
Really enjoying this new release from Mark Leach as he sings about realizing he messed up too late as the girl he’s in love with has moved on.

High Valley – “River’s Still Running”
Written by superstar songwriter Corey Crowder, I’m really digging this new anthem from the brother duo.

Riley Roth – “Girls Kiss First”
I just love her voice. This song is so catchy and feel good, it’s been on repeat all weekend if I’m being completely honest.

Spencer Crandall – “Summer Us”
If we ever get let out of quarantine and back into the wild, this song has the potential to be the soundtrack to a summer love.

Mark Chesnut – “I Found Another”
A blast from the past, I actually think that this new song from the 90s country singer can do well for him on radio.

The Cadillac Three – “Circles”
Their harmonies on this new release is so good as they sing about making the same relationship problems over and over again, but neither person wants to end it quite yet.

Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen – “Rhinestoned”
Love how this song definitely has a Texas country sound to it, but it would still appeal to the modern country listener. I would love to see how this would do at country radio.

William Michael Morgan – “Cowboy Cool”
This one gets the toes tapping and just an overall energetic and fun song to dance to.

Alex Maxwell – “Hell Will Freeze”
This is a great piece of songwriting rolled up into a country song you’ll relate to.

Jason Nix – “Let’s Get Married”
A love song about dreaming up the perfect proposals, but at the end of the day wanting nothing more than simply being married to her, no matter how they get there.

Kyle Clark – “Sun Down to Sun Up”
Up and coming country artist Kyle Clark released his debut EP project which includes this jam along with three additional songs.

Triston Marez – “Forgot About You”
Triston brings back the 90s country sound everyone holds near and dear to their hearts in his new release. More of this please.

Johnny Clawson – “Hit the Ground”
Up and coming artist released his debut project Sing Me To Sleep Mixtape which includes seven songs for your listening pleasure.

Ally Collum – “Before You Hate That Town”
Love the message of this heartfelt song about truly valuing where you came from. Often times when we’re young we can’t wait to get out of that town, but Collum reminds people what that means.

Ruston Kelly – “Brave”
Ruston’s latest song is a stripped-down song that has him singing about trying to make the most of things.

Walker Montgomery – “Saving For a Rainy Night”
Walker takes a page out of his father’s book with this romantic love song about staying in and focusing on nothing but your special person. This quickly became my favorite song from Walker.

Mo Pitney – “Right Now With You”
Singing about living – and loving – in the moment, Mo has such a great country sound to him, it’s a matter of time before he gets a big radio single.

Will Overman – “Living Wage”
Is there a more perfect song for the times we are living in? I don’t think so. Will sings about the things that are worth the most to him – and it isn’t money.

Gord Bamford – “White Oak Cathedral”
I’m getting major Lee Brice and Craig Morgan vibes from Bamford on his new release.

Sam Grow – “Song About You”
This is gonna be a must add to your summer nights playlist as he just wants to make the most of his night listening to the band with his girl.

TracieLynn – “If I’m Being Honest”
The song pulls you in with a very similar riff as “Girl Crush” but this is a good song that has her pouring her heart out, being as honest as one can be.

Raleigh Keegan – “wouldn’t change a thing”
A minimally produced song – just Raliegh and his voice – makes this one stand out a bit more.

Bree Doster – “As Good As I Remember It”
Bree’s vocals are so pure on this song. She released her debut self-titled EP this week which has a few more songs you need to check out.

Ben Gallaher – “Alone Together”
A fun country song about two strangers at a bar spending the night “alone together.”

Josh Bagwell – “Same Drinks Different Bars”
Josh sings about being heartbroken about a girl who left town. Everything seems the same, but it’s really not.

Briana Tyson – “Nobody’s Gonna Love You”
This new song from Briana is 100% something that Kelsea or Maren would record, and quite frankly they should.

Kaitlin Petty – “Supernova”
Singing about being in love, this song has Kaitlin reaching her higher octaves in a way that is so smooth and easy on the ears.

Teddy Robb – “Good Love and Good Whiskey”
Robb officially released a five-song EP this week. You’ll recognize most of the songs but “Good Love and Good Whiskey” is the new one we haven’t heard yet but we’re enjoying it.

Twinnie – “Feeling of Falling”
Twinnie dropped a new album this weekend and this UK Country artist has such a fresh sound and will be a huge part of growing country music overseas.