Diving Into Maddie & Tae’s New Record “The Way It Feels”

Photo Credit – Carlos Ruiz

By Aaron Wagner

Maddie & Tae released their new full-length album The Way It Feels on Friday, which happens to be their sophomore album.

We’d have to go back to 2015 for the last time Maddie & Tae dropped an album. That album had top hits “Girl in a Country Song” and “Fly.” It’s no secret that the music industry is evolving, especially in the way fans consume it and how artists deploy new music and how often.

I’m definitely no expert as to whether it’s a good thing or bad thing, but you’re probably thinking “I’ve heard new Maddie & Tae music since then.” And you’re right.

Last year they released an EP in April and then a second EP in October. The ten songs from those two projects appear on this full-length album with an additional five new songs we haven’t heard before. The duo has been busy as both girls got married within the last year and were crisscrossing the country supporting Carrie Underwood on the Cry Pretty Tour.

So here we are in 2020 and I’m super optimistic that the two EP’s from last year being rolled into this new full length album will catapult them into their career reaching even higher heights.

The new album contains fan favorites “Die From a Broken Heart” and “Friends Don’t” which peaked at #22 and #33 respectively. Let’s be honest – those songs deserved to go higher than they ended up peaking at.

Let’s talk about the five new songs the duo gave us with this release.

“My Man” is a groovy little number about them just loving their man and not worrying about a thing. Then there’s “Drunk Or Lonely” which is a good mid-tempo song that has them realizing the only reason they’re getting a call from their ex is either he’s drunk or lonely.

The song that really jumps out to you as you listen is “Water In His Wine Glass.” A deeply moving song about being in a relationship with someone who has a drinking problem, but bringing in God just adds so much more emotion to the song.

They put a fun spin on the phrase “they wrote the book on….” in “Write a Book” as they share how their guys got everything so right they should write a book. “I Don’t Need to Know” has really great single potential and I’m hoping it’s one of their next ones. The song has them getting information about how a recent ex is moving on, but they really prefer not knowing.

I love Maddie & Tae’s voice and am rooting so hard for their success from this album. If all goes right, let’s hope we see their singles continue to climb up the charts.