New Music This Week

Mitchell Tenpenny – “Here”
Mitchell follows up “Can’t Go to Church” with a fun uptempo one this week about taking advantage of living in the moment.

Kenny Chesney – “Knowing You”
When I heard this song it immediately took me back to “Anything But Mine.” His new album comes out May 1st.

Maddie & Tae – “Water In His Wine Glass”
The sister duo is out with a new album this week with The Way It Feels. Full of many great songs, this one hits hard and is a masterpiece of songwriting and singing.

Lee Brice – “One of Them Girls”
Vocal powerhouse Lee Brice absolutely kills it again with his new one this week.

Chris Lane with Gryffin – “Hold You Tonight”
I don’t know if Chris has plans to release this to radio but I think this has tremendous smash hit potential, especially if it crosses over to the pop side in addition to country.

Troy Cartwright – “Round and Round”
Written with songwriting studs David Garcia (“Meant to Be”) and Hillary Lindsey (every #1 hit ever), the new release has a good vibe to it and something Troy should be proud of creating.

Parker McCollum – “Like a Cowboy”
His new song this week has him being honest about who he really is and drawing parallels to the cowboy lifestyle. Chris Stapleton wrote this song along with Al Anderson (“Unbelievable”, “Cowboy in Me”).

Jacob Bryant – “Whiskey Down the Drain”
He sings about dealing with a breakup and all the heartache that comes with it in his new release this week.

Sammy Arriaga – “OBVIOUS”
I’m just a fan of how unique Sammy’s vocals and songs are and his new song this week has him singing about how obvious a connection is in the early stages of a relationship.

Julia Cole – “Side Piece”
She calls out her cheating guy in this catchy new tune this week.

Chris Colston – “Bombs Away”
Realizing that there’s a chance he may get hurt from the relationship, that doesn’t stop him as he jumps in guns blazing.

Nikita Karmen – “Even If You Missed Me”
Now this is a fun little number as Nikita sings about fresh beginnings and not looking back no matter what she or others feel.

Larry Fleet – “Where I Find God”
This country riser impresses with his impressive storytelling in this one about finding God in all of these places in addition to a church pew.

Lena Stone – “Out Of My Hands”
I just love Lena’s voice. You could listen to her all day. Her new one this week has her singing about feeling helpless and not in control.

Laine Hardy – “Ground I Grew Up On” and “Let There Be Country”
We get two new songs from Laine Hardy this week as he sings about growing up in the country and all the good things we love about the country lifestyle.

Chris Moreno – “Where I’ve Been”
This country up and comer sings about the unknown future but reassurance that where he’s been will help him get there.

Michael Keys – “One Last Drink”
This one will hit you right in the feels. Michael wrote this one about his father who passed away 3 years ago and once the quarantine is over, this song will inspire many to grab that drink with a friend or family member.

Stephanie Ryann – “For a Reason”
Her new song this week has sparks flying between her and someone across the room and just knowing something’s going to happen.

Taylor Hughes – “Good Taste”
“I play good music for my bad taste in men” is such a damn good lyric in this new one from up and coming artist Taylor Hughes.

Delaney Grant – “Hey Mom”
Rising country singer-songwriter Delaney Grant has a beautiful new song about the special bond between a mother and daughter.