Sykamore Shows Off Her Songwriting Chops With New EP “California King”

By Aaron Wagner

Hailing from Canada, Jordan Ostrom – or better known by her stage name Sykamore, released her sophomore EP project titled California King and it’s such a great listen that is only scratching the surface as to how good she is.

For those who don’t know, Sykamore was essentially discovered on YouTube by legendary Nashville songwriter Rhett Akins who eventually offered her a publishing deal. Fast forward to 2020 and she’s dropping her new EP, while dropping hints that a full album project is in the works.

Sykamore has such a unique voice that instantly pulls you in to hear her talented songwriting come to life. Her voice makes her music easy listening as nothing seems forced. It seems to come easy to her.

The same goes for songwriting. Holy crap can she write the heck out of a song.

She is such a gifted songwriter and I gave myself the difficult task of picking out my favorite lyrics in each of her songs on the EP.

“Record High” – Such a cleverly written song as she weaves references of notable songs to describe that sometimes the best medicine is our favorite music.

“I got a highway to Hell to get me outta here
I got a stairway to Heaven to keep my feet on the ground
I got an Amarillo by morning to get me through the night”

“Where to Find Me” – Sykamore sings about knowing that no matter how bad it gets that your significant other is going to be there for you with exactly what you need.

“Downtown, whisky sours at twenty past five
Day’s done, I don’t know how I survived
There you come walkin’ in right on time
I’m not surprised”

“Out of Luck” – This one has her wondering if you’re only given one true love in life, while worrying that if true, she may be out of luck.

“Are you happy with things or do you reach for me
When you’re half asleep and you’re feeling weak?”

“California King” – It’s so hard to pick out which song is the best written song of hers but this just might be it as she’s unimpressed by a hot shot guy thinking he’s all that; if anything it’s turning her off.

“You’re the leading man, you’re so Hollywood
A sidewalk star in your neighborhood
But you think you’re James damn Dean
Such a California king”

“Local Singles” – My favorite song on the EP as it’s unapologetically having a fun time and living in the moment.

We keep the neon flowin’ in those “Cold Beer” signs
We’re the only reason they don’t roll the streets up at night